Personality Based Product Description- Effective Way to ensure Engagement

Daniel Posted On - May 15, 2014

Product Descriptions
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The online marketplace is fiercely competitive to say the least as a number of online platforms vie for recognition at the same time. In fact, there are firms which indulge in selling the similar products in the digital space. The online merchants are always on the lookout to differentiate their products from the competitors and endow them with a unique touch.

Beating the Competition

Making a product stand out in the competitive market is no easy task as only the branding endeavors might not prove enough. The merchants thus look out for more indigenous ways to entice the consumers to make a buying decision. One way to better engage the consumers and propelling them to buy, even without a definite call-to-action is the concept of personality enriched product descriptions.

Product Descriptions Vs Specifications

One might argue that consumers seldom go into the product descriptions, rather look out for the bare specifications to satiate their needs. Optimizing the product pages can effectively better the search ranking of a site. Apart from the obvious benefit of unique content, the creative image based product descriptions can garner back-links from third party websites. The present day purchasers do a lot of researching before zeroing in on the product of their choice. Comparing the products, reading reviews and making a note of the price differences is something that almost every online buyer does. Unique product pages are the keyword to garnering audience engagement among a sea of generic contents.

Higher the Conversion Rate

To better augment the product pages to work towards conversion, the merchants need to be specific on a few pointers. First and foremost, to write persuasive copies, one must be fully aware of the target consumer which the product is catering to. From the age bracket to the spending power, every little detail must be taken into purview before making inroads into content development. This will endow your product descriptions with a personality of its own as the copy literally becomes the voice of the product.

Only an Engaging Copy works

A core feature of writing a persuasive copy is to emphasize the features in a more expansive manner. One can break it down in FAB (feature, advantage, benefit) mode. Emphasizing the benefit that the consumer will have by acquiring the product is something that the copywriters must infuse in their writing to better their chances of converting the casual visitors to conversion. Making room for reviews and ratings against the products or services will further enhance the product’s acceptance among the end consumers. Last but not the least; the merchants must look into avenues to make their pages more interactive and engaging. Adding custom imagery to the product pages certainly helps the cause of making the product listings more appealing and interactive.

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Personality Based Product Description- Effective Way to ensure Engagement, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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