Reports 14% Purchasers Opted for Jewelry as V-Day Gifts

Steve Burns Posted On - April 2, 2013 Reports 14% Purchasers Opted for Jewelry as V-Day Gifts
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The inclination to pick up the best gift for your beloved looms large on your mind when the special day for professing love or Valentine’s Day approaches. 2013 also saw a mad rush among people who wanted to gift only the best to their lovers and, in turn, it made the jewelers happy! When cupid strikes and you want to relish the idea of your beloved adorned with a beautiful heart-shaped pendant, it is a top comparison shopping engine like PriceGrabber which helps you to browse through the products, compare prices so that the whole online buying process does not prove taxing on your pocket. It has been revealed by PriceGrabber that it was the demand for a wide variety of jewelry pieces which was prevalent. 14% of the purchasers favored the heart-shaped gemstones with small diamonds studded together and a wide variety of diamond rings, gemstones and the like.

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Valentine’s Day Shopping Survey 

The PriceGrabber’s survey revealed that the global economic climate had a huge role to play in terms of influencing the buying habits of the interested customers. In terms of consumers’ purchasing plan, 62% of them had plans of using their spending power stretching up to $100 on V-Day gifts in 2013. The good news is that 36% had plans to exceed their budget of $100, which was 28% in 2012. It seemed that the lovers left no stone unturned while picking up their chosen gifts. In the purchasing plan of the Valentine Day shoppers, cards, flowers, candies, heart-shaped gifts, soft toys dominated the scenario with jewelry finding more favor with the people. Prior to V-day, when a survey  was conducted to understand the psychological level of the customers the facts that could be traced out are:

  •  52% had the same budget which they planned in 2012
  • 26% had the urge to splurge
  • 17% opined of tightening the financial belt and spend less

The Shopping Trends observed

According to the reports furnished by PriceGrabber, ‘showrooming‘ is in vogue as people have the dominant urge to save while engaging in the buying spree. Many buyers hit the physical retail outlets to check out the products, but bought it online at a discounted price. The buying plans of the V-day gifts differed from one shopper to the other. While some preferred mobile shopping and made a good use of the mobile devices, many took a judicious decision by conducting product research in advance so that they can buy the gifts online at the best price.

Comparison of the Sales Figures: V-day 2012 Vs V-day 2013

The statistics reveal that in February 2012, the sales figure for V-Day, chiefly in the jewelry stores of the US accounted for $2.66 billion. This year, a slight increase in the sales volume has been observed as expected. The average customers had plans to spend $130.97, which was a better figure than $126.03 as revealed in 2012.

People opt for Engagements and Marriages in the Season of Love

It is not mushy or cheesy when people plan to make their day of engagements or marriages to coincide with V-Day. While the increased demand for green gemstones, peridot, malachite kept on increasing, solitaire diamonds capped with a halo setting, brilliant round cuts and the like soared the popularity chart in Valentine Day.

Why the Savvy Shoppers bank on PriceGrabber?

Pricegrabber as a top and notable CSE has a booming 23 million monthly shoppers with over 11,000 e-commerce merchants offering their vast array of products in several categories. Engaging in a comparative study of product prices, exciting offers and deals and finding the best online retailer is not an arduous task anymore, with PriceGrabber meeting all the buying needs of the e-shoppers successfully. It is one of the resourceful business platforms for the e-commerce merchants to let their businesses get the required turbo boost. The multi-channel marketing programs that most of the e-sellers engage in, can avail a competitive edge when they hire professional assistance and managed services that ChannelSale offers.

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