Productive eBay Inventory Management Tips For 2017

Daniel Posted On - January 11, 2017

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The wild fire of competition is likely to touch eBay like never before in 2017. This is not just with respect to inter marketplace ventures, but with respect to sellers within the marketplace as well. In such a scenario where everything matters as far as performance enhancement is concerned, powering up the basic operational processes especially eBay inventory management cannot be ignored. While hobby sellers are very small sellers can put up their legs and relax in this matter for a while now, the rest will have to pull up their socks and push all pedals the hardest to keep their heads up in the race.

Here are 4 practices that can easy inventory worries this year to a significantly profitable extent…

Start small with warehouses

You don’t have to pile up stock units in warehouses. If you are in sync with your supply chain source and have done proper research as far as demand predictions is concerned, you can manage with a medium level stock that will neither lead to over selling, underselling or stock falling below average risk levels. With well predicted stock levels, you can always manage your warehouse fees to an agreeable level as well.

Add product identifiers

This year, everything in your eBay inventory management efforts will be about product identifiers. If you add the right product identifiers your stock can be located well while your listing is assured to gain better visibility than ever before. However, you will have to determine the applicability of the identifiers before adding them to your stock.

Always use advanced inventory integration tools

This applies to the last word when you are selling on or even Amazon and for that matter. Using outdated inventory management systems can lead to only half hearted benefits while a massive chunk of the task will cry out for manual involvement which again can be laden with faults and errors. This is also one of the most unquestionable ways to stay in tune with shelved products that may be eating up space and revenues secretly without your notice.

Updated real time inventory management systems is a must in eBay endeavors this year and is also likely to maintain its importance till a better and more inclusive solution for the purpose is invented.

Introduce little doses fresh stock

Making the process of introducing little doses of fresh stock into your inventory can up your ranking every month winning you more potential customers that can directly lead to enhanced sale thereby moving your inventory at a healthy pace.

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