Rakuten Acquires The Mobile Messaging Company Viber For $900 Million

Shrikar Khare Posted On - November 17, 2014

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In recent past Rakuten has taken few notable initiatives by acquiring Kobo, Wuaki.tv, and Viki. Buying Viber, the pioneering messaging and VoIP Company is their latest venture in this series.

Rakuten Inc is one of the top ranking Internet services companies which has finalized this deal for $900 million which clearly indicates the company is constantly contributing towards fulfilling its mission in making its foothold stronger in the digital content space.

Rakuten has a pre-set target of conquering the no. 1. position among the Internet services companies. And to achieve that business objective it is inclining towards mobile communications service which is being considered to be the most sought after platform these days. Hence Viber appears to be the right choice as they already have 300 million registered global users which is still increasing on a daily basis.

So automatically Rakuten, after taking over Viber will be in a stronger position to penetrate new market areas covering various digital content offerings, in joint enterprise with its E-Commerce and financial services platforms.

With 40 different services, Rakuten is no doubt the most important organization in its home country Japan which has a huge popularity and commercial value in global market also with 4o different types of services. It has built the unique Internet services ecosystems, which is centering on a unified ID membership database.  The online company’s Super Points rewards program has also boosted Rakuten popularity to an unexpected level.

This Super Points rewards program is complementary to Viber’s fun approach applied on both messaging and high quality VoIP services.  It appears the combined effort of Rakuten and Viber is likely to establish world’s most comprehensive as well as engaging daily online platform. It is also anticipated that Viber will get an added support of 225 million Rakuten’s members across the globe.

The same view point has been expressed through Rakuten’s CEO Hiroshi Mikitani’s speech. He has heartily greeted this venture of joining hands as he thinks Viber’s track record of high quality and convenient messaging and VoIP experience coupled with its unparallel potential of gaming platform added to Rakuten’s extensive knowledge of handling vast new audiences through their ecosystem of Internet Services will create a great scope of diversification leading to extensive growth. Talmon Marco, CEO and Founder of Viber also conveyed an equally positive observation by saying that this combination will offer special opportunity for Viber in further increasing their rapid user growth in the existing market as well as the new market areas.

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