Rakuten Is Depending On Slice To Enter U.S. Market

Steve Burns Posted On - September 22, 2014

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Rakuten is seriously planning to penetrate US market as part of its business developmental plan. To achieve this target the company is proceeding in a planned way and has bought Slice. It is an e-commerce app of U.S. which has multiple benefits.

Rakuten, the largest online-retailer of Japan, no doubt has showcased its out-of-the-box business intelligence by making a heavy investment on buying this app in the right time. Now on this technology will support Rakuten to analyze and acquire various facts about consumers and their purchases.

It will help the company to ascertain the spending patterns of the U.S. customers and their shopping trends as well. Not only that, it will also disclose their delivery choices too. Slice is also expert in deriving different facts and figures from the consumer’s e-mail inboxes.

While doing this, it takes help from various mail receipts of reputed sites like Amazon, Nordstorm etc., and comes up with all the required details related to purchase history and activities. It also has other facilities like sending alerts about package shipments including monitoring price changes and guiding users in respect of best deals and rebates.

Rakuten already tried to capture the U.S. market four years back by buying Buy.com for a huge sum of $250 million. But for various known and unknown reasons it did not work and the company failed to achieve its objective. But once again they are planning to hit the goal with more comprehensive effort.

The CEO of Rakuten Yaz Iida, explicitly mentioned in public that they are aiming to develop business operations in the States. And that is the reason they are using slice as a valuable tool to proceed in this venture. Slice on the other hand, has already made a considerable profit from investors like Rakuten and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Scott Brady the chief executive of Slice, admitted that it has a proven expertise in providing the sought after facts to the companies trying to excel in online business. But quite obviously Slice charges a fee for this service. By paying the sum the online business organizations become entitled to use its software in accessing some customer data which is extremely important in up grading websites and formulating business strategies. But interestingly it comes free for the consumers.

Brady is confident enough about their monopoly in the technology which everyone is still trying to understand. He also adds that they are going to launch a customized version of this app for Rakuten in the near future as a part of their international expansion policy.

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Rakuten Is Depending On Slice To Enter U.S. Market, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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