Rakuten LinkShare is going Great Guns

Steve Burns Posted On - May 21, 2013

Rakuten LinkShare is going Great Guns
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Rakuten LinkShare Corporation is a name to reckon with, offering its matchless online marketing service and expertise to the online retailers. Its CPA affiliate network, lead generation marketing campaigns, help in increasing its client base and drive new customers. Rakuten LinkShare’s first quarter results in 2013 stands impressive, spelling out in great details the continued growth of performance marketing industry.

The Expansion Plans

Enveloping the market and aiming for higher market penetration is one the cherished goals that Rakuten LinkShare is swearing to achieve. The affiliate network covers the US, Canada, the UK, Japan and Australia. In 2013, it is planning to take the great leap of faith and capture new markets.
The Success Story: At A Glance

  • A rise in the sales volume can be observed by 26 percent YOY, in same store sales in the US
  • The UK is not far behind and observed the steady double digit growth at 29 percent YOY
  • The dependency and reliance on this brand is increasing with the top names getting included in its list. More than hundred new brands got into a business relationship with LinkShare and the top names include Fab in the US, Florsheim in Canada, Tommy Hilfiger in Japan and the like
  • For Rakuten LinkShare, 2013 had a great beginning as it secured the top spot in performance marketing network for two years in a row. The honor was bestowed by a renowned media entity mThink

The Boosting Period of Performance Marketing Industry

For over fifteen years, the performance marketing industry has developed and emerged into a dynamic one, becoming a sales channel. The aces in the industry opine that the sales figure will reach $4.5 billion by 2016. Rakuten LinkShare has its success story eked out as the advertisers and publishers in the network, helped in pumping up its performance level.

Good news for the Google Affiliate Network Advertisers

Rakuten LinkShare has spelt out its big plans by offering Google Affiliate Network advertisers migration assessments. This is one of the best business moves as offering of the supportive arm to the advertisers without any charge is like winning over their confidence. Google had announced that it is shutting down its affiliate network and this has lead to mass client migration.

Dealing with the Voluminous Migrating Clients

The top advertisers are looking for reliable networks. Rakuten LinkShare with its first hand, hard core experience can deal with the migrations with ease. It will enable advertisers and publishers to relish the profits generated from higher sales. The way LinkShare has framed the migration program plan includes:

  • In-depth assessment analysis of an advertiser’s current program on Google Affiliate Network, so that his exact requirements can be figured out
  • Ways to build strategic partnership are discussed in the briefing and brainstorming sessions
  • By dissecting with a critical eye the existing trends, the best suggestions and recommendations for future prosperity can be offered

Rakuten LinkShare has been in the favored books of its clients for satiating the customers and delivering value to consumers. The well-planned and strategic approach that it applies in the account management services and the way it opens the door for the advertisers to indulge in networking opportunities, enable Rakuten LinkShare to be at the top.

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