Rakuten Plays A Pioneer’s Role In Popularizing Bitcoin

Steve Burns Posted On - September 24, 2014

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As world is constantly pacing towards another level of technological development, bitcoin is gradually replacing the place of money which is a software based online payment system which can be digitally used from your computer, tablet, smart phone or any other device, to anyone, any part of the world, around the clock.

Recently Rakuten has played an important role in implementing this bitcoin, the Internet currency which can be used to complete buying selling acts through electronic process.

There was already a discussion in the air that soon Rakuten is going to contribute in this regard. And Rakuten Super Logistics a subsidiary company of Rakuten, a Japan-Based E-commerce magnet has actually taken a step towards making it possible by taking a decision to accept bitcoin payments for the shipping services.

This happened almost after a month of the incident when Hiroshi Mikitani spoke about the possibility of accepting bitcoin sooner or later in the month of July.

According to Tech In Asia, the management of Rakuten Super Logistics has highlighted consumer’s demand as the main reason which has pushed them to take this step. Joseph DiSorbo the CEO has stressed on this factor that they basically want to offer this technological benefit to the customers who can not easily access the internet market without any geographical barrier.

 BitPay Executive Chairman Tony Gallippi has rightly made the comment while he said that this particular incident of introducing bit payment a method in practice will create a great impact in the process of developing bitcoin awareness in respect of international B2B transactions.

 Now Rakuten is represented as the third biggest company which has created a benchmark contribution in popularizing digital currency. It has also influenced Japan’s e-commerce system to a large extent.

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Rakuten Plays A Pioneer’s Role In Popularizing Bitcoin, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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