Rakuten Revamps Buy.com’s E-Commerce Model

Steve Burns Posted On - February 20, 2013

Rakuten Revamps Buy.com’s E-Commerce Model
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The US e-commerce market is always buzzing with the big players offering their masterstrokes to ensure better connectivity with the online shoppers and the e-sellers. In 2010, the giant Japanese market operator Rakuten Inc indulged in buying Buy.com for a whopping $250 million. Prompt plans and effective strategies have been put to effective use for the next couple of years so that Buy.com can be given a makeover. Rakuten.com is branded as Rakuten Shopping and it operating as an online marketplace. The e-sellers are always in the lookout to find out different web-based platforms that would help display their voluminous product line for higher level of exposure. From January 31st onwards, search for Buy.com is being redirected to Rakuten.com.

The Urge to Offer Varied Services

In the online marketplaces, the interested online shoppers are always in the hunt to find top-quality products at affordable prices, nab the hot deals to enjoy a pleasurable shopping experience. Rakuten has come up with a well-sketched plan and has launched a video production company known as BuyTV services. The online sellers need to promote their goods aptly and video marketing is one of the best ways of business communication for reaching out to the various audience segments. It is not only about peeping into the right demography but psychographic area and lifestyle of the target mass also. The e-sellers wishing to exploit the resourceful platform Rakuten Shopping can have videos showcasing their own products. Rakuten has expansion plans of incorporating social media integration, live chat and other services so that the e-sellers can be satiated.

The Global Online Shopping Platform

Rakuten is going global and it will help in establishing the Japanese brand on a large scale. It is about paving the way for establishing a better chain of network with the e-shoppers and the e-commerce merchants which Rakuten.com wishes to achieve. Foraying into the US e-tailing arena after acquiring Buy.com capped with its digital infrastructure has not been a bumpy ride because of its American customer base, but the tough call now is that Rakuten.com Shopping is a new brand name in the US. It got to gear up and offer only the best service as the global online marketplace to surpass it rivals and soar in popularity. Amazon has been one of the giant rivals that breathe under the neck of the other players in the sphere of e-commerce. Rakuten Shopping has all that it needs to outdo its rivals. However, the change in name from Buy.com which was much easier to remember to Rakuten has been put to scrutiny. The brand needs to be marketed well so that it can become increasingly popular.

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Rakuten Revamps Buy.com's E-Commerce Model, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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