Refreshingly Updated Magento Still Need Best Integration With Amazon

Shrikar Khare Posted On - May 19, 2016

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Users of Magento have always loved the innovations that are introduced by this store building e commerce support solution almost every passing year. And this time, the impact of the annual facelift has been quite significant. Magento Marketplace as this new model layout has been named has made it extremely convenient for merchants to manage their Magento powered store very effectively and conveniently while adding uniquely functional features to their everyday functioning. Now, to ask whether the new updates will directly impact the functioning of Magento powered stores in top performing platforms for the better or not… the answer may not be very uplifting.

Basically, with the host of new features and improvements, merchants will still require to carry out proper syncing of this shopping cart solution especially with top marketplaces and comparison shopping platforms. Magento powered merchants who are present in Google Shopping, Amazon and eBay need to ensure the best possible Magento eBay / Amazon Google / Shopping integration to experience optimum benefits from these platforms. While it is true that integration advantages of Magento has always been more wholesome than many other store building shopping cart solutions, even the newest of improvements have not been complete enough to overrule the necessity of third party assistance.

It has been observed that it is merchants with midlevel to high business volumes usually approach Magento to power their stores. While there are economy level options for smaller sellers, the costs are usually seen to add up to an uncomfortable level for the same. The majority of midlevel to high volume merchants using this solution often doesn’t flinch from using third party integration services to strengthen their performance in the top platforms of sale. Basically, they can afford the costs and also have the setup to maximize their sale to balance the expenditure in the shortest possible time.

Basically, it can be said that even with the most innovative facelifts introduced by Magento, it is still at a considerable distance from making this platform complete and independent of third party involvements. At present, there are a few very dependable third party e commerce solution developers who have mastered Magento Amazon / eBay integration solutions which not many platforms on their own can match. So, it can be said with confidence that Magento may be an exemplary platform with all its improvements and developments; it still has to walk miles to catch up with the core matters of multichannel selling.

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Refreshingly Updated Magento Still Need Best Integration With Amazon, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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