Relevance of Social Media for e commerce marketing

Steve Burns Posted On - November 30, 2012

Relevance of Social Media for e commerce marketing
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First I am going to write this blog. As soon as I complete it I am going to post it on Facebook, Featured Social Media and Twitter.

There was a time when authors said, nothing published, nothing shared.

Today it is quite the opposite, nothing shared, and nothing published.

Sharing information on social networks is something that has permeated human life in all its aspects – from shopping to sex. But this blog is about the former. The latter can be dealt with later.

In context of this blog, I would like to speak of social commerce. Not e commerce. Not social media but Social Commerce – of how the social media impacts e commerce.

Want to benefit from Social Commerce? Let’s speak of Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

It never ceases to amaze me that there are still e commerce sites out there that do not permit customer reviews. Why? The usual suspect reasons are:

Our products are highly complex.

Our products are extremely difficult to ship

Our customer base is very unreasonable

Let me speak plain turkey – if you are scared to let customers review your service, you should not be in e-business or any business today

Customer reviews can come by way of Seller Reviews and product reviews.

Seller Reviews

Bizrates Insights is a recommended forum for Seller reviews.  It is free, it is easy to implement and it is one of the review sources for Google Product Search.

Product Reviews

Power Reviews and BazzarVoice are two popular service providers for product reviews. You cannot go wrong with either of them. If you are one of those anxious sellers who think most product reviews will be negative, here is some heartening news. “80% of the reviews on Bazzarvoice rate products as 4 or 5 stars”.


Everybody knows YouTube, and its potential for making your video’s viewed. Every merchant should be using YouTube to feature his/her product videos. The idea is to make simple elegant product videos and feature them in your landing page. Do not try to make every video viral. It does not work.

When you make your videos, remember to know and identify your audience well. Make your videos in the language and style that your consumers are used to. Incorporate their kind of humor and let them identify with your content.

Your first goal with YouTube should be to make and publish videos that will increase your conversion rates on your product landing pages.


There are two sets of opinions about Facebook. One it is the future of e-commerce. Second – people don’t go to Facebook to shop. Suffice to say that the wise men say that Facebook is not a direct selling channel. But it can be a great influencer. Sales on Facebook pale in comparison with any of the top CPC sites.

Don’t underestimate the power of social acceptance on your sales. If a hundred thousand people like your site and your offerings, you are that much more credible. The same goes for a product with a lot of likes.


Your approach to Twitter should be based on a simple question – are people already tweeting about you? If you’re unsure about this, go to and do a search for your brand. If people are already tweeting about you, it makes sense to use Twitter as an extension of your customer service. Remember that Twitter is completely public so it is a great way to demonstrate the quality of your service. Search for a tweet believer and place the responsibility to manage your company’s Twitter handle on him/her. It requires a true believer to completely exploit the possibilities of Twitter for your organization. Another tip – if you are selling branded products, then follow the brand’s Twitter followers, they already like what you are selling.

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