Response to customers’ tweets rises up briskly among retailers

Shrikar Khare Posted On - May 26, 2015

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According to a popular e-retail journal index, E-retailers on Twitter these days are not wasting a minute’s time to respond to shoppers’ complaints at the social media platform. The index tracks the performance of the top 100 retailers in response to their respective customer-service related posts on Twitter.

The index found out that more than 60% of response to customers’ complaints tweets at Twitter occurred within an hour, from the top 50 e-retailers at the social media platform during the period extending December 4- December 11. This is quite a significant jump from the index for the month of November, when just 49% of merchants replied within an hour.

The average response time across the December index is reported to be 4 hours and 6 minutes, with Best Buy ranked No. 15 in the top 500-guide of the internet journal. Best Buy is one of the 23 merchants among the 50-most mentioned retailers known for their effective and dedicated customers’ services handle and had replied the tweets of shoppers’ within five minutes and 12 seconds on an average.

Three other top-100 retailers responded on an average in less than ten minutes. They are: HSN, ranked No. 26 with 8 minutes and 4 seconds; Nordstorm ranked No. 24 with 8 minutes and 22 seconds and the Urban Outfitters ranked No. 48 with 9 minutes and 31 seconds. The response by Nordstorm and Urban Outfitters are reported to be significantly more impressive, given the fact that retailers received around 31.1 to about 37.7 mentions in an hour, respectively. HSN had received around 8.6 mentions a hour.

Though, Mike Schnieder, director of growth for Conversocial, says that fast response times narrate only a part of the scenario. He remarked that actual resolution is the primary factor, pointing out the fact that a company can respond to a low-quality response quickly that does not necessarily satisfy the customer.

While at the other end of the scenario, as many as four retailers among 50-most mentioned that it took as long as a day to respond. OfficeMax, ranked No. 12, took an average of two days to reply, despite the fact that it had received an average of only 4.4 mentions per hour. Other retailers which took more than a day to reply were Oriental Trading, ranked No. 93 with 1 day and 8 hours, Ascena Retail Group ranked No. 86 with 1 day and 5 hours and Office Depot ranked No. 9 with 1 day and 5 hours.

The index also tends to examine the @mentions percentage that the Top 500 retailers respond to. Such as six merchants had replied to at least half of their mentions that are Nike, ranked No, 64 in the top-500 guide, replied to more than 70% of its 8.9 mentions every hour; Microsoft, ranked No. 92, replied to 55.7% of 5.1 mentions in an hour; Sears Holdings ranked No. 5, replied to around 55% to its 3.4 mentions every 60 minutes; Amazon, ranked No. 1, replied to around 55% of its 30.9 mentions an hour.

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