Retailers have become fast in tackling customer issues on Twitter

Daniel Posted On - January 12, 2015

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As Twitter has become one of the most popular social networks across the world, it is also playing a significant role in connection to retail sector.

As a result, quite often consumers take the advantage of twitting to express their experience about retailing including publishing complaints about various situations.  Most of the times, a large number of retailers treat these complaints on an urgent basis and respond at their earliest.

Internet Retailer has used their exclusive Conversational Index to track the rate of responses received in time and found 49% responses among the 50 e-retailers who came in the list of most mentioned names, occurred within a time period of just one hour after the customers twitted about their dissatisfaction. This figure is recorded during a fixed time span November 12 to November 17 of this year.

This exclusive Conversational index played a significant role in making a correct analysis about how the 100 renowned Retailers mentioned in the Top 500 Guide 2014 are reacting on customers complaints.

The study revealed that about 70% e-retailers coming within ‘the most mentioned’ category responded within two hours. Contradictory to this, in the month of June 2013, a similar study revealed that only 26% e-retailers responded that speedily while they tackled consumers issues.

Conversocial’s director of growth, Mike Schneider, has observed that all the response time has become really very fast. And all the e-retailers have become prompt in answering their customer’s questions and come up with quick solutions to every problem, as this has become the trend these days.

From this analysis it is also screened that there are few retailers who are not dealing with the complaints as quickly as others. These laziest retailers among the same list of 50 most-mentioned names are Gilt Groupe Inc. and Office Depot Inc., respectively. The first one holding 59th position usually takes 28 hours to reply, and the latter the 9th position holder takes 25 hours, on an average to reply.

Apart from this, there are three more e-retailers within this ‘most-mentioned’ list who strategically never answer back to such tweets. These retailers are L Brands Inc., Ralph Lauren and Media and Coach Inc respectively.

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Retailers have become fast in tackling customer issues on Twitter, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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