Retailers: How you can know you have hit a great business idea?

Daniel Posted On - August 5, 2014

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With the technological advancements our communication systems have reached a level more than our expectations. And it has resulted into a small world providing wider scope for every business owners. No doubt this has also given birth of more challenging market with sever competitions.

To sustain in this competitive world, all the entrepreneurs are scratching their heads and trying to evolve new business ideas which can easily hit the market and bring success faster. Innovating new business ideas is not a difficult task for many people but whether it will really click in the market and bring profit is not that easy to ascertain. Then what are the key factors that can identify a business concept to be superb which has every possibility to reach the target?

So retailers, how you can know you have hit a great business idea? Here are few common features which can promptly help you to understand if a business concept is good enough to be successful.

First it should be based on the basic concept of solving a problem. According to Wade Gilchrist, startup consultant and host at, there should be a demand in the market for a particular product or service for which you need to provide an effective solution. Shireen Shermak, CEO of venture capital and startup firm Launch Angels also echoed the same thing by saying one needs to solve an easily articulated problem that a large group would like to have solved. She also emphasized creating a solution when there is no problem, can never going to create a big business whatever amount of marketing is done for it.

The second point is, there should be an easily identifiable and measurable potential market for your business as Eka has specified. Greg Isenberg, a 25-year-old award-winning serial entrepreneur, founder of Wall Street Survivor and CEO of mobile video app, has added another market related analysis that the idea should be replicated to other markets also.

As per Shermak , the existence of competitors is also a positive sign that you are on the right track and your business concept could be of real worth. But what Gilchrist has said is extremely important if your business idea can withstand free competition it is going to bring you desired result.

In the modern era every thing is moving fast. So your business also needs to keep pace with the changing technological environment which can develop quickly and spread fast.

And last but not the least is, while you conceptualize a new business idea try to workout something which you really love to do. It is difficult to prosper in a business which is not close to your heart.

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