Retailers need to reshape their Marketing Strategies after checking out the Social Statistics

Daniel Posted On - June 23, 2014

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Social media and networking are providing the greatest platforms for every business marketing these days. All the B2B decision makers are no doubt making their decisions on the basis of a company’s social media presence. Automatically all the business organizations, irrespective of their sizes, are using it as the most important tool to get connected and communicate with their respective targeted consumers. To maximize the result they are focusing on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other popular social sites and making their presence shining by putting a continuous effort through various posts and announcements.

Have you ever tried to make your business popular through these social media marketing revolutions?  If you are still not paying enough attention to this factor then you must go through these 8 social statistics to rethink your strategy for the Retailers.

Here are the amazing facts:

42% of online adults use multiple social networking sites. Therefore by entering into the social media marketing process, at a time you can address a large number of your customers and targeted customers.
71% of online adults are now Facebook users, a little more than the 67% of online adults who used Facebook during 2012. As the record shows Facebook users are rising in number. The record is likely to be the same for other sites too. As a result every marketer should be enough focused to capture these audiences.

  1. The fastest growing demographic on Twitter has a typical feature. The majority of these users are in the age group of 55 to 64 years old. It also reveals a splendid fact that, this demographic has seen an unprecedented increase of 79% within a time span of only two years.
  2. As we already have the data that within the last two year, users on Twitter from 55-64 have grown 79%, we can also anticipate there will be a booming number of twitter user very soon. And automatically all the businesses will be paying more attention to be present in such social groups as it provides them more credibility and social prestige. By analyzing this record you will easily come to understand no business can develop and establish its brand in today’s complex marketing scenario without using the social sites.
  3. Facebook and Google+ are seeing an intense following by people between 45 to 54 years old, with this demographic increasing 46% for Facebook and 56% for Google+. This throws light on the fact that social site users no way restricted within young generation of the society. It also has a great influence on the comparatively older audiences too. Hence every business who wishes to capture a society as a whole need to communicate through these networking platforms.
  4. Studies also show that almost 93-percent of marketing departments use social media channels for business. And quite naturally more and more companies are joining every day to highlight their presence in the market and to stay updated with their customers. You also can not wait to lose this chance to boost your marketing activities.
  5. Nearly 189 million people use Facebook on mobile-only platforms. This has a great impact on the society and marketing as well. Consumers are being more accessible at any time and every where. Business marketers are automatically capitalizing on it.

More adults between 18 to 34 years old watch YouTube than cable television. Hence if you wish to focus on the consumers of this age group you can very quickly reach out to them. No doubt they tend to be the greatest buyers for all types of products and services.

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Retailers need to reshape their Marketing Strategies after checking out the Social Statistics, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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