RIP Google Checkout: Google makes Merchants to opt for Wallet

Steve Burns Posted On - June 21, 2013

RIP Google Checkout: Google makes Merchants to opt for Wallet
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The e-sellers need to keep a keen eye on the latest trends that is taking place in the business domain. With Google being one of the key players also in the online shopping sphere, the e-commerce merchants need to match steps in tune with Google. The web merchants who have been using Google Checkout will have to wait for the transition to Google Wallet, which is slated to happen in November 20, 2013.

The Merchants need not worry

Though Google Checkout is dying out, the complete transition will be successfully completed in November 20, 2013 where it will be changed to Google Wallet. The e-sellers who do not have their own payment processing will have to come up with some effective solutions within a period of six months. The web merchants, who are panicking, need not run from pillar most as Google has some ready-made solutions. It has partnered with Braintree, Freshbooks, Shopify so that the online sellers can be offered the discounted migration options. An US merchant without the payment processing can make a good use of Google Wallet Instant Buy. Via this, the Google Wallet shoppers are empowered to enjoy the privilege of Google Wallet Instant Buy, which offers a fast and satisfying buying experience.

Google is Trying its Best to Reach out to the Web Merchants

The online merchants were cordially invited to attend a live webinar on May 23, 2013. For greater information, it is the Help Center that the web merchants can make a good use of. The last quarter of every year seems to be crucial and significant for Google. In 2012, it was in the last quarter that the shift from the free listing model to the paid search model was brought about by Google. The popular Google Product Search changed to Google Shopping.

Google Vs Amazon

Google is a recognized name in the realm of payment and it is the data that informs and educates about the various advertisements leading to conversions which must be kept in mind. The end of Google checkout means that its rival Amazon and Paypal is going to cash on this advantage and increase their base of online merchant.

This smart business move taken by Google is to make another of its product, that is, Google Wallet to find favor with the e-merchants. There is scope for the e-commerce merchants to utilize the potential of Google Wallet and let their business to reach heights. The e-merchants have time for six long months to come to a sane decision and Google Checkout completely goes into oblivion.

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RIP Google Checkout: Google makes Merchants to opt for Wallet, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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