Sears offers a more flexible shopping experience!

Daniel Posted On - August 28, 2014

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Can you imagine a situation when you can choose to get your orders at the store most convenient to you irrespective of which brand site you place the order with? Sears Holdings Corp. is actually making its buy online, pick up in store options like that so that it offers you maximum possible flexibility to the customers.

If you place an order on or it will now provide you an open option to select and pick up the orders at the Sears or Kmart store whichever is most convenient to you. It will not matter at all if it is not the store brand you placed your order with.

Imran Jooma, executive vice president of Sears Holdings said the change is implemented to help consumers shop on their own terms. This enables you to easily place an order with and pick it up from in the Kmart store. However it can also just be the reverse.

Jooma also added, that leveraging the breadth of both Sears and Kmart’s online and in-store networks denotes more convenience for members which no doubt  offers an even wider brand-name product selection to the fans of both the stores.

All Sears and Kmart stores across the nation are eligible. Not only that, Sears Holding Corp. is No. 5 in Internet Retailer’s 2014 Top 500 Guide. According to a record of Feb. 1, Sears Holdings Corp. operated 1,135 Kmart discount and superstores in the United States, 768 full-line Sears mall stores and 60 Sears specialty stores, such as Sears Essentials and Sears Auto Centers.

Presently, in this new and flexible scenario you can enjoy the liberty of selecting the store you want to pick up your web order during the ordering process. They will send you a confirmation via e-mail when the order becomes ready for picking up. Customers who elect to pick up their web orders in a store don’t need to pay for shipping. Once the customers arrive at the store, either they can retrieve their orders from a merchandise pickup location or they can also go for the choice when a store employee brings the order to their vehicle.

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Sears offers a more flexible shopping experience!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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