Sell Big on Newegg Marketplace This Holiday Season

Stephen Posted On - October 23, 2017

Newegg Marketplace
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Festive seasons are great opportunities for online sellers to boost their sales. Sadly, many fail to capitalize on the seasonal-impulse and enthusiasm of shoppers to make more revenue. While the process isn’t easy per se given the high market competition, it isn’t complex either. It all depends on the preparedness of the sellers.

Do you sell on Newegg Marketplace? What are your selling plans for the upcoming festive season?

Here are 5 steps to help your business take a right turn and flourish big in the coming weeks:

1. Put your inventory together

Make sure everything at the inventory-end is smooth and up to date. Do an audit yourself to check this. Overselling (and underselling) because you couldn’t spare an hour for proper inventory management is the last thing you would want to do during this season.

2. Analyse your last year’s sales performance

How was your sales last year during this time? Was it good? Was it bad? Why was it good/bad? The stories behind success and failure are the great source for learning. So analyze your last year’s sales performance to understand what needs to be done this time for high revenue.

3. Register for a dedicated webinar for Newegg Marketplace Sellers

An hour session of a good webinar can offer you what people take years to understand and implement. So amp up your selling knowledge and skills for to the next level. Register for a webinar.

On October 24th, 2017, between 9:30-10:30 PM IST, ChannelSale is bringing a joint webinar for sellers with Mark H. Barlis, Marketing Manager at Newegg Marketplace, being the keynote speaker. To know more or to register, go here

4. Sign up to e-commerce solution

You likely sell on other marketplaces as well. To make sure everything is easy, efficient and confusion-free, integrate all your storefronts on a third-party e-commerce solution. Once synced, you can now manage your listings, optimization, inventory and more on a centralized platform.

5. Discount. Discount. Discount.

Festive seasons are all about discounts. Customers will flock to stores that are offering the highest price cuts. So ace your pricing skills. Put out your analytical prowess and set the right price for your products that pull your customers the right way without, heftily, compromising on your profit margin.

These are 5 simple steps to boost your sales on Newegg marketplace. Now you know, get on to the doing part. Start your preparation for the holiday season. Today. Now.

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Sell Big on Newegg Marketplace This Holiday Season, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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