Sellers’ Position For Growth – Why Many Fear Growth?

Stephen Posted On - March 28, 2018

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It might come off as counter-intuitive because every business wants to grow, sustain and flourish. But here’s a simple fact – sellers fear growth.

Why do you think the majority of them don’t even have a long-term plan for their online stores? Taking each day as it is, they strive to achieve single, daily-base goals, forgoing the bigger (and brighter) picture.

Let’s take your example…

Do you have any 2-5 years plan for your online stores? Where do you see your business in the next few years from now? What is the exact progress plan do you have in action that’s helping your business grow to the top of the ladder?

If you’re like many, you would lack a definite answer to these crucial questions.

You Fear Growth

While you may credit your busyness for the absence of a proper business growth plan, the real reason behind this, a rather big mistake, is your fear… fear of losing your current position to something bad, fear of failure, fear of obstructing the consistency of your operations.

And it’s common!

Much like in our lives where we dread changes and the uncertainty that comes with it, the same concept is applicable even in business.

So many dreams to scale their companies, but only a handful of them manage to turn that into reality. Not because they have poor products, but because most of them don’t even try.

Broadly put online sellers’ position for growth has always been tremendously improper and un-prioritized.

Those who take contrarian measures to this comfortable picture grow and flourish to new heights. And those who take each day as one, missing the growth component in their business operations and remaining comfortable in the decent position they have reached—they eventually get run over by competition and market needs, perishing in the end.

As an online seller, it’s imperative to make sure you don’t belong to this latter group.

How to beat your fear of growth?

Much like how you deal with any fear—face it!

Start by taking the first step – planning. Definite planning, if you will, where you focus on every aspect of your business—from marketplaces to listing to inventory management to marketing. Next, set fixed and progressive goals, and outline when and how you’re going to achieve those milestones. Don’t make the common mistake of setting unrealistic goals.

But hey, now let’s address the elephant in the room. Planning and goal setting sound easy but they aren’t. They are even tougher than implementing the strategies behind them. So how you do it? Exactly how do you unblock your way to embrace your fear?

It includes two simple steps:

  1. Channelize your entrepreneurial instincts to effectively manage your teams and overall business activities.
  2. Listen to what experts are saying.

While #1 is all you, let us have the #2 part. We have seamless resources to help multi-channel sellers find the right path to the top of the mountain. It includes many articles and webinars in partnership with some of the top industry names. From easy integration to multi-channel inventory management to platform-specific advice from experts – help’s there all within your reach. Take a step today.

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Sellers’ Position For Growth – Why Many Fear Growth?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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