Selling On Walmart May Not Be So Rosy After All! Watch Out For These Pitfalls

Daniel Posted On - June 21, 2017

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Selling in has its share of advantages, but sellers need to be prepared with the fact that things may not be all this rosy after all. Here are a few pitfalls that all Walmart enthusiasts need to be prepared with while approaching this marketplace…

The competition switch – While it is true that 3P competition is low in Walmart right now, the fact is, you will be competing with the cream of the lot. The pre existing retailers already have the lion’s share of visibility and it is fairly possible that you end up dwelling somewhere in their shadow for weeks or months at a row. You will have to put in your efforts in get noticed by prospective buyers, and there is no time to ease you into this fact because fresh inductions are taking place at a very steady pace.

Profits may take some time to show – By now, all Walmart enthusiasts have come to understand the fact that lowest price requirement is practically carved in stone. The marketplace will not budge or be lenient towards your ambitions for visibility if you fail to maintain lowest prices in product listing while you sell on Sometimes rather, very often, maintaining lowest prices while coughing up marketplace fees, commissions and other expenses takes an active toll on profits.

This is something that sellers need to put up with till increasing volume of sale balances the profit margins eventually.

Your order fulfillment record has to be outstanding – This starts from before you get inducted to sell in this marketplace. At all times your order fulfillment structure as well as past records need to better than the best; a condition that applies mainly to Amazon sellers. This can often involve investing in very high quality tools and software solutions that are designed to automate and harmonize the process to optimum levels without having to get manually involved.

Multichannel sellers may have added work load to deal with – has very strict performance policies and standards stated for multichannel entities be it with respect to maintaining excellence in operational harmony or with respect to prioritizing Walmart over all other channels of sale. While basics like feed import and export from Shopify to Amazon Walmart etc can be handled with the assistance of sophisticated tools and software solutions, it is the matter of prioritizing that makes things difficult.

Considering the fact that all marketplaces want sellers to prioritize them in place of others, the matter of strategizing can claim the latter’s peace in many ways than one.

Integration is a must but results may vary – Lastly, integration may be very easy in, but it is never an assurance to easy or early profits. The results of integration are also likely to vary with respect to the quality of the tools, softwares and expertise involved in the process.

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