Is Going To Set A Trend by launching enhanced shopping mobile app

Daniel Posted On - November 27, 2014

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Mobile users are increasing in number day by day. Smartphones are selling like hot cakes these days. Young generations are depending more on their handsets that PC, laptop or any other device. Naturally this has a direct impact on online marketing also.

All the website owners, manufacturers and sellers at every level are trying their level best to utilize mobile sites and smartphone technologies as their biggest tools to capture new markets and hit the target audiences. also is no way lagging behind in this trend. Recently to compliment their regular marketing activities they have launched a new app which will upgrade the mobile shopping experience to another level. This new app is available on Google Play and iTunes as well. And the consumers will be able to download them for free.

This will allow the users to get all the product related information speedily and efficiently just by pressing their fingers on their smartphone screens. No doubt it saves time and money both which is really important in this fast paced modern life style of today.

Steve Ashley, VP of Mobile and Social Media for SHOP.COM said, this time the new app is developed with a special focus in mind that is will provide speed, simplicity, performance and functionality all at a time in true sense.

Kevin Curley, the director of mobile development for SHOP.COM further explained the company’s main objective in offering a memorable shopping experience to its valued customers. He said they wanted to provide an efficient shopping application which will be easily accessible at the same time really supportive in searching products, adding products to their carts and also in checking out. This has become possible now with the launch of this new mobile app which is expected to boost the sales to a large extent.

No doubt this new venture deserves a big hand. More over, the company also claimed they have already got huge response from the users as it is saving money and time both at one go. It has already proved itself in comparison shopping and easily accessing to product reviews and various other product related information.

This new mobile app of is also enabling its consumers to avail the website’s Cashback program where they can enjoy 50% Cashback on their purchases.

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