Shopzilla announces the New Robot Oatmeal Coupon Site

Steve Burns Posted On - August 21, 2013

Shopzilla Introduces Smart Pricing that aligns with your performance
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Shopzilla is a popular name as a price comparison shopping site that is a hotspot of the e-sellers and the online shoppers. It not only enables the buyers to take a good buying decision, but also lets the online sellers to maximize the reach of their products and services to the target audience. Shopzilla has come up with its first crowdsourced coupon verification platform, called Robot Oatmeal.

How does the site work?

Shopzilla allows the online shoppers to engage in the search of finding out the coupons, check how the coupons have been used and also note the number of times, it has been used. The most captivating word for the online merchants as well as the buyers is that Robot Oatmeal is free. If you, as a web merchant, thinking that there are so many coupon sites, but what is so unique about Robot Oatmeal, then it is the way it highlights the use of coupons, which is its USP. The e-sellers can better deal with the customer service issues in the checkout system with the help of the coupon codes.

What Shopzilla has to say?

Shopzilla is churning out ways so that it minimizes the customer service issues for the e-sellers. It is the urge of every online retailer to offer adequate support to the e-shoppers in their online buying journey. When the interested buyers have a frustrating experience while they are unable to use the codes properly, such issues will be quickly resolved by Robot Oatmeal. The engagement level will be of a higher degree of both the e-sellers and the buyers and the spokesperson of Shopzilla vouches for that fact.

Nabbing the deals in real-time

It is the racy pace which defines every walk of life and it is so much predominant in the business domain. The brand new coupons and promotions site serves deals in real-time. This way the buyers do not have to feel bogged down with the string of the codes that do not work or gets expired without the customers keeping a vigilant eye.

How Shopzilla secures the coupons?

It is a great statement that Shopzilla is making that it will monetize the site in near future. However, there is some good news for the web merchants that Shopzilla will not charge the sellers for clicks for the coupons. Shopzilla has built a strong chain of networks with the affiliate networks so the process of retrieving coupons and discounts becomes easier. The information that Shopzilla needs:

  • Offer description
  • Coupon code where the codes should start with “RO” OR “SZ”
  • The store name or MD of the online retailer
  • The destination URL facilitating the tracking process
  • Start and end dates

The consumers or the online shoppers just need to search and find the featured coupons while trying to grab the best deals online. For having a smooth e-shopping journey, the e-buyers can do away with the frustration that comes with using of codes while purchasing online.

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Shopzilla announces the New Robot Oatmeal Coupon Site, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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