Shopzilla Introduces Smart Pricing that aligns with your performance

Steve Burns Posted On - September 19, 2012

Shopzilla Introduces Smart Pricing that aligns with your performance
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Shopzilla introduced smart pricing in 11 subcategories. The program allows retailers to align the CPC charges with their conversion cost of the sale. Smart Pricing has been proven to be successful and Shopzilla has extended it to all categories.

Earn more, pay more – while your average CPC billing remains the same

This new pricing has resulted in the minimum CPC bids, but there is no perceptible change in the average billed CPC. The Smart pricing program automatically adjusts your billed CPC according to the quality of traffic. It bills more when the conversion rates are higher, and lower for sources with low conversion rates.  But overall, your average billed CPC will remain more or less the same as your earlier levels.

Example of Smart Pricing

Smart Pricing will ensure that your ROI is consistent and will ultimately improve. Since you will be charged your maximum bid only for the highest quality of traffic, you will feel confident to increase your bids.
All products having active bids in these categories have been shifted to the new minimum rates since July 18th 2012.  Bidding above the new minimum rates will require you to do so manually. All bids that are above the new minimum bid will remain unchanged.

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