Shopzilla Joins Hand with Google Shopping

Steve Burns Posted On - February 11, 2013

Shopzilla Joins Hand with Google Shopping
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The comparison search engine, Google Shopping, has been creating a buzz ever since it took the decision of converting its product listing model into a paid one. The online business arena observes cases of mergers, acquisitions and takeovers, quite often. The instances of forming tie-ups is the effort of a company to soak in the essence and business repute of another that is standing tall in terms of reputation and business activities.

Tie-ups is the Norm to Derive the Required Business Juice

The urge to be in association with a big name that can help another online CSE to derive the same juice, had made to announce its partnership with Bing Shopping last year. It is the envious and stellar reputation of Google Shopping, which is making the other players in the domain to join hands with it, so that they are able to observe their own business shaping up in a new and positive direction. Now Shopzilla where the interested buyers get to nab the hot deals, check out the latest lucrative offers and shop by their choicest categories has seek for more ways to garner higher visibility by getting associated with Google Shopping.

Google Shopping: Now a Pricey Affair

The search engine giant of the web, Google, announced its plans to change its Google Product Search to Google Shopping in the fourth quarter of 2012. It is the smart business move of Google to make the online sellers to pay for the product listing ads, which is sure to offer a turbo boost to the already scaling sales revenue of Google. If it is the mode of working that Shopzilla and Google Shopping is following, then Shopzilla is putting together all the data feeds offered by the e-sellers and then transfers it to Google Shopping. However, the e-commerce merchants who have already invested in Google product listing e-campaign should not worry at all because of the notion of double listing. Here the Google CSE will act as the mediator and will present only the prevailing direct Google Shopping listing.

The e-retailers have nothing to lose but gain more mileage when it comes to deriving more online exposure and grabbing the attention of the e-shop merchants. The small business owners who have restricted budget is opting out of the scope to list their vast array of products as Google Shopping is no longer free. It is the masterstroke played by this renowned shopping engine to win over the customer base of Amazon. The e-sellers in need of handling the multi-channel marketing campaign lay their trust on ChannelSale, appeased with its high-quality services.

Retailers with only Shopzilla campaign? Feel Jubilant

The e-sellers are always in the lookout to find the best platform that would help them to reach out to the target mass. If the online merchants have put in their efforts only to make their Shopzilla campaign a huge success, they are going to reap in huge benefits because of the partnership that Shopzilla has entered into with Google. It is exposure on a larger scale which can make the e-commerce merchants or the advertisers to play their innings successfully online.

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