Silly Mistakes In eBay Listing That Can Make Buyers Doubt Your Product

Stephen Posted On - February 13, 2018

eBay listing management
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eBay sellers are often seen to make very silly mistakes in their listing practices every now and then, that compromises the productivity of their listing endeavors significantly. Following is a list of such silly mistakes that are best when avoided…

Spelling mistakes –

Have you ever experienced a situation when everything else appears strong and sturdy; optimization is in place and purchase benefits are dished out like a hearty Thanks giving meal, yet there is still something that is preventing buyers from clicking on your listing and choosing competitors that appear to be less dazzling than you are? If yes, run a close check on your spellings. Spelling mistakes are the Achilles’ heels of eBay listing management. While it could only be as silly as a typo, buyers may end up thinking it’s a fake / counterfeit product and refrain from making the purchase.

Patching the wrong description with wrong product –

This is yet another mistake that cannot be forgiven. Say for example, there is a blue bold color bed sheet listed by the seller but the description specifically says it is pink and striped; or there is an image of a 500 ml detergent for sale and the description says it is 1000 ml. The sheer perplexity is bound to drive buyers away and settle with competitors that are more comprehensive in their product presentation.

An image of product with your domestic surroundings featuring in the background –

You may think this is harmless, till someone wants clarification on whether your thumb is also for sale or not. You have to be very professional with your product images, ignoring which buyers may find it very difficult to build purchase motivation in favor of your listing.

Prices that are unbelievably low –

There have been innumerable occasions when seasoned discount seekers rejected high street brands that were made available in the platform in over 90% discount. Say for example, luxury brand cosmetic products made available at 3.99$ will certainly be viewed with suspicion. Therefore, you don’t have to be all that nice even if you need to move your stalled stock really fast. What you can do instead is pair the products up with some other popular product and re introduce as a package and witness the flood of traffic that pours in.

Besides this, carrying out end to end listing integration with all other platforms of sale like eBay Magento Amazon feed etc helps sellers ensure maintaining listing harmony across all platforms of presence. Therefore, issues like selling the same product at a lower price in one platform and at a higher cost in another can be successfully averted.

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