Small Store Owner’s Tips To Productive Online Festive Selling 2017

Thomas Posted On - September 25, 2017

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The much awaited festive season 2017 is here and anytime is a good time for the smaller ecommerce selling entities to roll up their sleeves and bag the best of purchase motivated traffic. For those that are still clueless about how to start, here are a few tried and tested tips that are assured to help in this direction…

Deck up your store front – This applies equally to Amazon, Walmart, eBay Stores and all. This is the time of the year when purchasers are at their happiest and are most likely to respond to store fronts that reflect the glee of festivities. Therefore, even if you need to spend on quality templates, making the move will only fetch you better visibility.

Optimize your listing to the last word – While it is true that store owners in eBay have their own search engines to benefit from, extending added efforts for higher visibility always pays off in the long run. Refreshing optimization efforts right from titles and descriptions to images and pricing can help sellers remain in unchallenged stardom for the festive last quarter of the year.

Refresh listing – This basically refers to focusing on items in the store that are likely to grab and maintain the attention of buyers this season. Removing irrelevant products to the background and introducing fresh products in fresh listing will fetch you instant search rankings.

Integrate end to end before it is too late – End to end integration especially those involving top names like Volusion Amazon etc. will help you handle the rush smoothly, seamlessly and most importantly, faultlessly.

Stock up wisely – Going overboard with festive / seasonal items may result in sellers having to deal with infinite unsold items at the beginning of the next year. Such expensive mishaps can be prevented by progressive demand prediction. Sellers that are not very confident about the science behind prediction of demand can seek professional assistance.

Deals and more deals – In very simple words, you will have to give buyers a good reason to choose you over all else. You can only do that if you offer quality products at attractive deals that can actually help buyers make a worthy purchase. Attractive and no-strings-attached deals are another way to gain and maintain high search ranking in eBay or any other top marketplace for that matter.

Pack punch in CSEs – Lastly, if you have not paid attention to your presence in comparison shopping sites, it is never too late to start. Creating presence in the right CSEs and applying the right strategies can maximize sale by 50% to 100% or more.

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