Smartphones are playing a Significant Role in Back-to-School Shopping

Steve Burns Posted On - September 23, 2013

Online Shopping
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Like the rise in the mobile commerce trend, back-to-school retail concept is gaining momentum. As per the survey conducted for gauging the “Back to School Shopping: 2013 Trends,” it was the users or 12,000 smartphone owners who were taken as sample for carrying out the survey. It was also kept in mind that among the smartphone users one is a parent of one school-age child. The survey was brought to fruition by location analytics vendor Placed Inc.

 The Statistics

It has been a known fact by now that the online shoppers are smart buyers. They are not only cashing on the importance of convenient web-based shopping, but they know how to make the comparative study in terms of the prices of the products. 48.9% of parents with smartphones indulge in the search to find coupons and deals. It has been revealed that the 38.7% among the back-to-school shopping enthusiasts is adhering to the concept of showrooming.

They are using smartphones for comparing the prices of the products that they found in-store, but make the purchasing plan at a later stage, online. This way they can switch to the savable mode. 34.2% is said to navigate an e-seller’s mobile site or an app via smartphones. 31.9% use a smartphone to spot a store location; 30.5% to spool down the shopping list; 24.9% to gather information on a wide variety of products. 20.5% is said to seal the business deal or make the online purchase via a smartphone.

Pick up the favorites

It has been estimated that 20.5% of parents with smartphones who are engaging in back-to-school purchases, have preference for different online stores.

When the buyers are purchasing online, then the online traffic is going to be more for Macy’s bricks-and-mortar-store, which is stated to be 22%. It is also around 22% that we make up the people flocking to Office Depot store, 21% to an OfficeMax store, 19% to a Best Buy store, 8% to visit a Bed, Bath & Beyond store, just to name a few stores.

The online shoppers purchasing back-to-school products with the help of the mobile gadgets are the ones that are less likely to visit a bricks-and-mortar store.  Since this back-to-school shopping trend is gaining momentum, the online sellers must cash on this trend of back-to-school shopping that the purchasers are engaging in, online. This way they can definitely have surging sales figure!

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