Silliest Ways Sellers Have Actually Tried For Removing Negative Reviews On Amazon

Stephen Posted On - July 11, 2016

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No seller likes receiving negative reviews on their performance in Amazon, whether justified or otherwise. This is for the simple reason that negative feedback and that too those that pour in almost continuously usually claw away on their image as a good seller while compromising on sale many times over. So, the first thing that sellers attempt on facing such difficult situations is to remove negative feedback Amazon by hook or by crook. Here are some of the silliest techniques that sellers have actually tried in order to remove negative feedback Amazon, some of which have carried them to the doors of suspension…

Tempt the buyer to write a good review –

This is usually achieved by compensating the unhappy buyer with an attractive gift coupon while asking the same to post a good review on behalf of the seller. In very simple terms, this act is considered illegitimate in Amazon. You can encourage a better review by improving your services in organic ways, but temptation is always the devils card.

Pretend it never happened –

Ignoring your issues does not mean that they don’t exist. Most of the times, many sellers believe that a single negative among a sea of positives may not make a difference. The truth is, it does. Among hundreds of prospective buyers of the product, there will be a certain percentage that will take the review into consideration and refrain from making their purchase. If that happens, Amazon will take note sooner or later.

Shame the reviewer for being inaccurate –

Humiliating the reviewer to an extent that he / she is pushed to take it back is the ‘art of Trolls’. If you become a seller troll, be assured that Amazon will show you the door with least regrets. Basically, it does not matter who is right; Amazon will still take the buyer’s side and expect you as a seller, to behave.

The best way to approach is to fall back on the Amazon feedback removal request template. All you need to do is be convincing about why the feedback is not authentic or justified and the seller support will take care of the rest. However, it is necessary to know that it does not happen all the time.

Using Amazon feedback management solutions is also a very good idea. To address infinite queries that usually arise out of these solutions, they are neither inauthentic or generate fake reviews. Choosing the right solutions though, is very important at all times.

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Silliest Ways Sellers Have Actually Tried For Removing Negative Reviews On Amazon, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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