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5 Decisions You Need To Take While Listing Products In Amazon

Stephen Posted On - December 21, 2017

eBay selling software
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Listing your products in Amazon and eBay is the most important step in the path of productivity and progress in these top ecommerce marketplaces. However, a scratch basic approach to the process can often lead to severely unproductive consequences. Listing success in power paced platforms is heavily dependent upon certain core decisions that you make at the time of introducing your products to the marketplace. Here is a roundup of five such core decisions that can make or break your efforts in this direction…

Selecting market fit products –

Selecting products that are relevant to the buyers are likely to rise to the top of popularity charts and maintain very high visibility for long. These days, sellers can access a handful of evolved Amazon eBay selling softwares that can help in determining product relevance by tracking demand status in the recent past. For those that cannot access such softwares for cost related reasons may have to determine product relevance manually on their own.

Selling strategy –

This usually includes the way you project your products, the way you design your listing and the nature of offers and discounts you are willing to offer to your buyers. At all times, your aim should be to offer maximum purchase advantages to the latter. If you choose to go very lenient on aspects like packing and shipping charges or return and refund policies, you may see your listing beating competition like never before.

Pulling out unproductive products –

Scrapping listing of unproductive irrelevant products that have just been sitting somewhere imperceptibly in your warehouses should be removed. Not many sellers can confidently decide pulling out of products for the fear of losing selling history altogether. However, it is always wise to do away with stagnant and sad product histories than maintain it for no tangible advantage at all.

Your choice of softwares –

Deciding upon the most suitable, feature packed and productive eBay Amazon product listing softwares plays a significant role in ensuring the health of your business in these top marketplaces. Enhanced automation levels, improved support features along with the attributes of flexibility and customizability can make your listing endeavors a cake walk.

Deciding to take professional assistance –

This is yet another decision that can help sellers achieve instant success in listing endeavors in eBay and Amazon. Professionals are well abreast with just about everything starting from strategies to software applications and integration that can give you an instant profitable edge in competition.

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The Bright Side Of Becoming A Walmart Third Party Seller

Stephen Posted On - August 24, 2017

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Sellers by now are very well versed with the fact that gaining entry in Walmart.com as a 3P seller can be nerve wrecking for the simple reason that there are way too many pre conditions that require word to word fulfillment in order to have the applications approved. The process usually takes anywhere from 4 to 5 weeks or more; a phase that can get a little emotionally overwhelming for those that have applied for a place in this platform.

However, once the applicants get to become registered Walmart third party sellers, a flood of instant advantages are directed towards them all of which are usually worth the wait. Here are some of these advantages that are known for motivating 3P entities to take the trouble…

  • High purchase motivated traffic from the very onset – After Amazon, Walmart.com experiences one the highest levels of purchase motivated traffic levels in the USA; an advantage that is expected to spread over to global sellers by the next decade. Therefore, sellers are usually not required to lose their sleep trying to divert traffic to their stores in this platform.
  • Lower competition leading to better chances of high visibility – The stringent qualification standards specified by Walmart.com goes a long way in keeping seller competition in this marketplace to a comfortable low. Low competition topped with high inflow of purchase motivated traffic directly converts to sale and profits in the part of the 3P entities.
  • Easy setup, integration and go live – Just when you start to think that things cannot get any better than this, you come across the array of operational services that the marketplace facilitates in favor of 3P sellers. Walmart.com has partnered with some of the best e commerce solution developers of this decade that offer high quality services like end to end integration of Walmart with other marketplaces / CSEs / Affiliates / Shopping carts etc and that too at very affordable prices.
    This goes a very long way in assisting sellers with easy set up and an instant head start as far as go live with product listing is concerned. the official integration partners are also known for offering readymade tools for extending automation in Walmart selling, each of which are just as great in quality like Amazon eBay selling softwares etc.
  • Improved scope of growth – Lastly, presence in Walmart.com enhances scope of growth for ecommerce sellers especially those that are managing multichannel ventures.

ChannelSale is also one of the most economical online real time marketing management platforms and is offered to you at an aggressive discount as compared to similar platforms existing. Of course, we match other platforms feature for feature. So what customers get is more for less. More Features, More benefits for Lesser price.

ChannelSale’s technical team has deep exposure, experience and expertise in managing e-Commerce for several Multinational companies.

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eBay Listing Tools That Can Make Business Easy For Startups

Stephen Posted On - June 10, 2016

eBay Selling Manager
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Starting business in eBay or any other top performing marketplace for that matter entails a good lot of hard work. From initial research to managing basics like inventory, order completion, returns, transactions and most importantly listing, things can get very tough for a single soul to handle and that too without flaws. Maximizing efficiency is impossible when sellers insist upon making a manual approach to address all these business basics especially when the marketplace in question is known for its speed. In very simple words, using proper tools is the only and the easiest way to march your way towards profits and growth and there could be nothing more relieving than commencing with eBay listing tools.

Listing solutions is the first that all sellers much consider. There are a number of free and paid listing solutions available in the market each of which have their own set of features to offer besides the basics of creating eBay friendly listing. Turbo Lister is the present favorite among all start ups considering the fact that it is free, user friendly and compatible with small to midsized businesses. Turbo Lister can also be accessed offline which can be bliss for many. Features like duplicating existing listings, changing formats etc is easy with this solution that has also established itself somewhere in the top of the best free eBay listing software 2014.

At present, there are infinite different solutions for listing each of which offers different features that are compatible with different sellers of different volumes and of course, different nature of business altogether. Say for example, just like Turbo Lister is compatible with small businesses, File Exchange is more suited to high volume sellers. So when you as an eBay seller are looking for the best compatible listing solution, here are a few aspects that you much consider at all times …

Cloud Based or Otherwise:

Firstly, based on your priorities, you need to know if the concerned eBay listing manager software is cloud based or hardware based. In case of the former, you may not be required to create a backup listing to aid your effort is your hardware crashes.

Bulk listing feature:

The advantage of bulk listing cannot be ignored by serious sellers. The ability to create bulk listing offline and uploading the same in nothing more than a click of a button is always expected. The features of copying and editing listing in bulk should also be taken notice of.

System Requirements:

This usually goes ignored till the time the sellers come face to face with issues and place complains about their eBay listing managers are not working at all. for example, as far as Turbo Lister is concerned, sellers are required to have at least, Microsoft 2000, XP, Vista 7 along with Pentium II or above; 500 MB or above disk space; Internet Explorer v5.5 installed in their system. Every listing solution has its own requirements that need to be fulfilled before installation.

Lastly, check the cost of the eBay listing management solution. Free is always the golden word for beginners and Turbo Lister is always the nursery!

It is necessary to remember though that no tools or solution whether eBay listing tools or complete eBay selling software is complete by itself. So choosing according to priorities is very important.

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Things To Consider Before Owning Your Own eBay Store

Stephen Posted On - March 21, 2016

ebay selling software
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The scope of eBay is all inclusive which has been working wonders for serious e commerce enthusiasts from all over the world. With millions of unique visitors thronging the platform any given minute, there is ample possibility for all existing sellers to be discovered by an overwhelming team of target buyers. At present, there are two primary forms of sellers in this platform that are the individual sellers and those that own their eBay stores. Each have their own set of unique advantages that are all directed towards propelling growth of the concerned sellers through different dimensions.

However, it has often been seen that it is the owners of stores in eBay that are more motivated towards better performance. One can say that this is mainly because of the fact that sellers who own their stores are often the ones who are more serious in their business and their presence in eBay may be one of the primary sources of their income. Many times, it has been seen that sellers may have commenced their venture as individual sellers that eventually escalated to creating their own stores in this platform as traffic, sale and list of positive reviews rose to significant levels.

Owing stores often makes the process of eBay selling a little easier with greater freedom granted towards how you design your store front and how you manage your business through the same. It has been observed that driving traffic one’s store is often a well supported process and a steady one too. However, at all times it must be kept in mind that kick staring a store will never guarantee augmentation in traffic and sale. Considering the fact that the rules of eBay as far as visibility of sellers change very frequently, store owners may have to do their own bit to promote their existence in this platform.

Using eBay selling software is often considered one of the best ways to win the best exposure for stores. Operational ease as well as freedom from human errors is also assured by these inputs of quality technology. In fact, it can be said with confidence that eBay store operations should always be software supported for enhanced performance and to tide over odds. Besides this, it is always recommended that stores are created if the number of products under the umbrella of the seller is medium to large. Sellers owning stores with only tens of products to sell are usually seen to incur losses.

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Sell On eBay With Indomitable Confidence Using These Tips

Robin Smith Posted On - March 1, 2016

eBay selling software
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If someone told you that selling on eBay can be challenging… he or she is absolutely correct. However, this does not have to dishearten the enthusiasts to an extent that they choose to stay away from this otherwise yielding marketplace. Considering the fact that eBay is a close second to Amazon in ranking, it experiences an overwhelming volume of traffic and resultant conversions in favor of all sellers who set foot on this platform.

Many eBay sellers who are not prepared to take on the rush can come face to face with highly restrictive and retarding impediments in their course of everyday operations. More often than not, such retardations can become thoroughly counterproductive leading to loss in the face of competition and erroneous performance that hamper buyer experience and eventually cause suspension of accounts.

While all this sounds very intimidating, it is also true that there are at present, infinite sellers who have been making the best of eBay irrespective of their size, volume or level of experience in the world of e commerce per se. These sellers may not be masters in eBay selling but have in fact, cracked the codes of success with the help of a smarter approach to maintaining a yielding eBay presence. Starting their endeavors with the usage of the right selling softwares can be mentioned as the first among a list of other good decisions made towards catering to this end.

Usage of eBay selling softwares ensures aiding sellers in keeping in tune with the flow of the platform and that too without facing errors and flaws in the process. Be it with respect to listing or inventory management or real time order tracking and fulfillment, there are solutions to add speed and performance to just about any critical aspect of selling in eBay.

eBay is a bidding based marketplace which may be a little difficult for newer and lesser experienced sellers to understand. So seeking assistance for the same through appropriate solutions can go a very long way in making proper and yielding bids. The better your bids better will be your sale and exposure among target buyers. Seeking assistance for pricing and repricing is also very favorable.

Last but certainly not the least, it is always a good idea to understand and abide by the rules of selling in eBay. Trying over the top hacks and tricks can often be counterproductive. Not maintaining rules and selling ethics can cost the concerned seller with lifelong suspension.

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Tips To Make A Sparkling eBay Store

Robin Smith Posted On - February 25, 2016

eBay Selling
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If you are a serious eBay seller who desires to pursue eBay selling as a full time career, it may make some sense to kick start a store. Building an eBay store is the first and the most important step that a seller can take to showcase their positive and progressive interests to prospective buyers as well as the platform in itself. However, unlike what it may have been a few years ago, owning a store in itself is never enough to march towards the direction of profits and growth. It takes much more to push a store towards a brighter and productive future than its mere existence.

It all starts with placing proper focus on designing the store. In fact, this is the most important factor that all eBay sellers should take into urgent notice. The focus should rest on making the store so attractive that buyers get entranced with it as they cast their very first look. Designing a proper captivating logo is extremely important. For stark beginners, looking into already established stores can be of massive help in gaining an idea about how to go about the process. When it comes to creating the perfect design, enthusiasts will have to chart out the A to Z of the essentials and figure out the best possible ways of putting the pieces together.

Say for example, making use of promotion boxes, pictures, logos, templates, titles etc. just about everything matters in bringing the best out of your store. It is always wise to start the process with some solid research on the subject. If you need to spend a week or two while researching the perfect store building strategies, it is advisable to do so with confidence. However, it is necessary to know that eBay as a platform is always changing. Improvements and enhancements thus, need to be taken into notice while introducing changes in the store accordingly.

The next most important thing to note when it comes to improving your eBay store presence like never before, is to have it integrated perfectly. Initiating integration would enable all operations associated with your store to get reasonably automated while eliminating scope for errors and bottlenecks. Considering the fact that eBay is very cautious about how sellers contribute to the purchase experience of buyers, proper store integration would directly contribute to making an impactful association with the platform. Using a range of well chosen eBay selling softwares is also advised.

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How Can You Add Products to Your eBay Store?

Steve Burns Posted On - January 29, 2016

eBay selling software
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If you are interested in entering making sales online through ecommerce stores, you have possibly already started with eBay among others. New sellers on this popular store often like to know how they can add items to their eBay store. If you wish to handle bulk orders on the store, first of all you need to add products to the same. The following steps are what you need to follow in order to add products to your eBay online store.

Create a store

First of all, you need to check the official eBay website. Choose the products that you would wish to add to it. Enter the site and visit the seller’s section to create the store. Click on the option named “Open eBay store”. With this option, you can create the store easily.

Choose the products to add

Once you have created the store, you have to add products of your choice to it. Go to your profile page as a user and choose the link “Add Item”. You need to do it once you have set up an account or have just logged into your seller’s account.

Offer the necessary information

Offer all the details to eBay about the product that you wish to add. You can also choose the sale parameters and any specs associated to your own store. A proper knowledge of eBay selling software can be useful, but you can do well even without the same. Click on the button named “List or Sell Item” after you have submitted all the necessary details. It will help you to add products relatively conveniently to your eBay store.

Find worthwhile info

Check your store page on eBay in order to gather worthwhile information as well as practicable tools that can assist you in the management of your store. Managing the store is not too easy unless you are well-equipped with knowledge. You can enlist the services of a professional agency specializing in real-time inventory management, integration services, feed management etc to help you out in this regard.

Note the products you are selling

Open another document and note down the items that you are offering for sale as well as the ways that you are using for the management of your store. Keep these in your own records for personal use. When you select a password, choose one that you will not forget. It should be something that will not easily be guessed by other individuals.

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