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Selling on Jet vs Amazon—what the numbers say?

Daniel Posted On - September 12, 2017

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When planning to launch an online store, one foremost question that sellers come across is which platform to sell on. There are so many marketplaces, which one is ideal for them? Add to this the confusion of should they launch their own online store – given it is relatively easier today – or not.

So a common question that jumps ahead of everyone is—“should I be selling on Jet vs Amazon?”

How do these two marketplaces trade with each other? Which one guarantees a higher sale to the sellers?

The phenomenal growth of Jet.com Marketplace

Started back in 2015 with only 100,000 invite-only trial buyers, Jet.com has emerged to be a leading player in the world. In fact, on the global scale, it ranks in the list of top 5 biggest marketplaces, competing (and defeating) the established platforms.

The latest number suggests that, with millions of visitors buying from it every month, Jet.com is growing 278 times faster than Amazon’s growth rate. Now that is something exceptional that speaks volume for all the sellers confused about their marketplace selection.

eBay—the boss of marketplaces

Although in recent times eBay has lost its dominance in the face of higher competition, it’s still just as relevant. Possibly the most established market player, it boasts over 25 million sellers and over 1 billion product listings. Its team is just as big, employing over 12,600 individuals across the world.

So for many new sellers, eBay is, of course, an attraction. The confusion comes when they are limited in their resources and want to optimize the return on their investments of money, time and energy. So the question naturally comes—eBay or Jet.com?

Answer: BOTH!

Sell on both- eBay and Jet.com marketplace. When you sell on more number of platforms, you manifold the chances of sales and revenue. In fact, one study found that adding Jet.com to multichannel efforts can increase annual sale by 23 percent or more. So when you’re running eBay store in sync, you’re assured of higher revenue.

Admittedly, handling multiple online stores require Supermanesque-powers. This is where third-party e-commerce software solution comes into play a major role. Offering powerful integration features, along with managed services, they make controlling various platforms together much easier, convenient and efficient. Integrate everything from Jet.com and eBay to Magento Rakuten, easily and affordably.

So if you’re starting, start on both the platforms to maximize your returns. Signup to a nice multi-channel e-commerce software solution.

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Beginners’ Best Approach To Multichannel E Commerce

Stephen Posted On - June 28, 2016

Multichannel E Commerce
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When you want to be present in more than one selling platform from the very onset of your e commerce venture, it is extremely necessary that you play your cards flawlessly. Being lenient and having your judgement clouded with whims and wishes can prevent any multichannel endeavor from taking off from ground level. Here are a few very important tips that can help keep overconfidence in check while offering optimum growth, healthy revenues and ample avenues to multichannel ecommerce ventures to expand with time…

Contain greed –

To begin with, it may sound very tempting but it is always wise to limit the number of platforms you wish to spread into. Choosing one or two from among the top performing marketplaces is far better to start with than choosing ten different platforms to sell. The eBay v/s Amazon debate is good to consider deciding which would be more suitable for you than being present in both and being smacked out of your time, patience and investments.

Integrate – integrate –

Secondly, you will have to initiate proper integration between all the platforms you are present in with your shopping cart. Say for example if you are powered by Magento and you are present in Rakuten, Amazon, Jet.com and Etsy, you will have to carry out Magento Amazon, Magento Rakuten, Magento Jet.com and Magento Etsy perfectly. The costs can run up to a few good thousand, so it is always wise to start with a tiny handful of marketplaces than stretching presence over 5 or more.

Use fee calculation & fraud protection softwares –

Thirdly, multichannel e commerce can always be profitable when you use fee / profit calculation softwares to determine how much profits your products will fetch at the listed price. This is a great way to prevent revenues from seeping out from where you may not be watching. At the same time, using fraud prevention softwares can protect you from inauthentic transactions that can save hundreds to thousands of hard cash every year.

Be present in comparison shopping engines –

Among all the platforms you may choose to be present in, it is necessary to include comparison shopping engines as well. Comparison shopping engines like Shopzilla, Nextag and of course Google Shopping can be welcome traffic drivers to your store which can improve your visibility and conversion rates by miles. Integrating with your chosen comparison shopping platform is just as necessary as it is to integrate with the marketplaces.

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Magento Amazon Integration Best Practices

Steve Burns Posted On - May 30, 2016

Magento Amazon, eBay, Rakuten
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Integration refers to the process of syncing shopping cart solutions with e commerce marketplaces or comparison shopping platforms. This is one of the best initiatives that can help any seller handle their operational end to end work load efficiently and flawlessly. As far as top marketplaces and shopping cart solutions is concerned, sellers are required to maintain best integration practices at all times. Magento and Amazon can be taken as an example. If a certain seller is powered by Magento and is performing in Amazon, it is imperative for the seller to carry out Magento Amazon integration following best practices for the same.

Best practices refer to a set of steps that have to be maintained while integrating the two platforms so that maximum benefits can be obtained from the same. While integrating Magento with Amazon or even Magento Rakuten / eBay / Jet.com for that matter, sellers are required to be abreast with the technicalities without fail. If the sellers have absolutely no experience in handling such technical matters, it is always recommended to use professional assistance for the purpose. Professionals may come at a cost, but they can ensure flawless execution of the process that will help you manage your Magento powered store in Amazon with perfection from the very first day onwards.

Secondly, while the basics like inventory control, listing management, order processing and completion is imperative in the process of syncing, sellers will also have to take up the matter of back end integration with due seriousness. This will go a long way in helping to maintain effortless control in every nook and corner of your Amazon venture. This may take some time to accomplish ranging from a few days to a few weeks, but once up and ready, you will have even the tiniest detail of your Amazon efforts right at your fingertips.

Besides this, while carrying out Magento Amazon integration, it always pays to multichannel integration facilities than point to point integration systems. Multichannel selling is the single simple mantra for e commerce ventures these days and it is not possible that the sellers will stick to one platform only. Therefore, when the integration systems are such that it can bring together different platforms of sale than just one, the profit and visibility trends are likely to be on your side. Multichannel integration systems may cost slightly more than point to point integration solutions but they are worth every penny spent on the effort.

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Improving Magento Amazon Integrated Performance Can Be A Tool Away!

Thomas Posted On - May 4, 2016

Magento Amazon & Rakuten
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Magento as a shopping cart solution is quite complete in its own terms. But managing presence in top performing platforms like Amazon is assured to claim a little more of time and patience. Keeping up with the speed of this marketplace along with the changes and updates that are introduced every now and then can become a massive hassle even for flexible shopping cart solutions like Magento to keep up with. More often than not, the integration solutions that are offered by Magento itself appears worthy enough to handle the basics like basic inventory management, listing, keeping track of orders and fulfillment etc. For startups and comparatively smaller businesses, this could work to a certain extent. For very large sellers though, bare basics usually tend to fall short in many ways.

For larger sellers or those with growing business, using advanced Magento Amazon integration tools is necessary. These tools are basically feature packed solutions that offer an extended push to the connected performance between the two platforms. These tools go a very long way in powering up the existing features that manage and control basic operations making them speedier, accurate and system friendly. Features to improve customer services, warehouse integration, currency management, payment integration, returns handling, advanced product listing features, enhanced automated assistance, tracking and reporting performance metrics, mobile integration and many more can be at the tip of your fingers.

The features that are usually packed into these tools usually justify the prices at which they are available. Magento Amazon tools / plug in solutions available from certain reliable third party providers have already managed to reap massive popularity, whipping up demands from e commerce enthusiasts from over 100 different countries with more queuing up by the passing years. Tools and plug in solutions for other growing platforms like Rakuten and Jet.com are also gaining visibility and acceptance.

For sellers who still maintain blind faith in the fact that top shopping cart solutions are complete in what they offer may be missing out on glorious opportunities. In fact, dependable shopping carts like Magento often introduce a range of apps and tools time and again with myriad features that tend to address the gaps that surface more frequently than otherwise for its Magento Rakuten, eBay or Amazon store integration. Not many of these tools are available for free, which makes it quite reasonable in the part of the sellers to try third party solutions that usually packed with more features also for a better chance at operational improvements.

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Easy Ways To Magnify Magento Performance In Top E Commerce Marketplaces

Pramod Posted On - November 25, 2015

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Magento is one of those very few shopping cart store building platforms that is crisp, clear and massive as far as its scope and features are concerned. Of late, this solution has gained massive popularity with users with medium to large scale businesses for some its rather awe inspiring attributes that other solutions may not score very well in. Being instantly SEO friendly, offering infinite e commerce web shop related features, blissfully modular architecture, support for multiple currencies, localization as well as tax rates, enhanced security, Magento Connect etc. are some of the many features that have been welcomed by one and all.

However, not many users, even the optimists will be able to overlook the fact that there are times when Magento can do with a little help especially when it comes to establishing enhanced presence in top performing marketplaces. Be it Amazon, eBay, Sears or even Rakuten, there are times when users will be driven to focus on magnifying Magento performance which can call for a little more than its inbuilt attributes. Here are a few easy and effective ways to bridge the gap and make the processes smoother and more yielding through seasons of operation.

To begin with, it is always wise to never snub the process of integration even if you are confident that your shopping cart has it all. These are the days in e commerce when sales don’t wait for any seller, and you need to grab as much as you can ‘when you can’. Driving sale from growing and evolving marketplaces like Rakuten and Sears should not be overlooked. Putting in additional effort for Magento Rakuten or Magento Sears integration will thus contribute to inviting volume in business while being able to manage it without having to face overwhelming difficulties.


The next way to maximize Magento performance is to stay in tune with the evolving nature of this shopping cart solution. Magento introduces innovation time and again which is intended to add features to the solution that are designed to streamline operations even further. Many third party e commerce solution providers also come up with awesome solutions in the form of softwares, tools and associated applications that cater to the same cause. Users may be required to subscribe to the improvements, purchase the same or even try them out for free for a few weeks. Keeping eyes open for the developments and introducing the same in your venture is assured to improve Magento performance at a steady pace.

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