Takeaways for the e-retailers from the holiday season

Daniel Posted On - March 15, 2014

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The year 2013 in general was a great year for the online retail sector. The Holiday season in this year, despite its bumps and challenges, looked quite bright with a record of hitting a satisfactory sales target. NoMoreRack.com, a 3-year-old discount e-retailer has showcased a record December sales of $75 million which has helped the retailer tally $349 million in sales for 2013 compared to $100 million in 2012. Mobile sales also have a record of sharp rising from 15% of total sales in 2012 to 30% in 2013.

What is expected in Holiday 2014?

While formulating their business strategies for the 2014 holidays, online retailers can be fully assured that, there will be the same continued trend of shoppers shifting more of their holiday spending to the web. A research record of comScore shows, online consumers in USA spent at least $46.545 billion in online shopping during the holiday season of 2013, which is 10.1% higher from $42.286 billion in 2012. Considering the mobile sales into account, comScore has estimated the online shopping increase is about 12% compared to last holiday season. It is really a boosting figure for the online marketers because the shopping season in 2013 was shorter than 2012. According to ShopperTrak, which monitors traffic and sales at major malls and retail chains, there was a 2.7% growth for bricks-and-mortar retailers in November and December.

Few hard facts

There was a great rush in online shopping just before Christmas 2013. The huge number of sales orders coupled with bad weather caused a serious problem in many online retailing businesses. Many customers had to face a great inconvenience as the purchases did not reach their destinations on or before 25th December. There were more problems regarding retailers’ lack of coordination while managing internal processing and sometimes due to their failure to upgrade the shipping options. But what ever might be the reasons behind the total impact was a frenzied finale to the shopping season.

Steps to be taken

The past holiday shopping season has provided enough scope for the Retailers to learn.  Quite often marketing drives till the last edge doesn’t work very satisfactorily. Shoppers may not take their decision so quickly. Therefore is extremely important for a e-retailer to chalk out the entire marketing plan much before hand the holiday season. Moreover, as online gift buying is virtually grabbing the market share from stores and mobile commerce, capturing one-fifth of web sales, holiday marketing programs need special attention to be successful with the takeaways during the festive time.

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Takeaways for the e-retailers from the holiday season, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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