Taking a Look at the Newly Branded eBay Commerce Network

Steve Burns Posted On - May 16, 2013

Taking a Look at the Newly Branded eBay Commerce Network
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In order to survive in the business domain for long and for reaching out to more customers, the comparison shopping engines are going for rebranding, bringing about changes in their way of operation, coming up with schemes, programs and the like. Shopping.com, which was purchased by eBay back in 2005 for a whopping $620 million, is having a new name, eBay Commerce Network.

The Focus is building on a Robust Commerce Ad Network

Shopping.com has the potential to grow and become a resourceful ad platform that the e-sellers can make a good use of, thus shifting the focus from a comparison shopping site to that of an ad platform. This network is focused to connect the e-sellers and the buyers in a better way in eBay, CNET and Bing.

The Merchants are pouring in to create a Strong Network

Ebay has already come up with facts like 4,000 merchants have formed the queue to cash in the potential of the eBay Commerce Network. They want to build on to their customer base, add new ones via advertising with eBay Commerce Network as their dependable partner, helping them to connect.

Shopping.com as an Advertising Platform

Ebay is more hopeful with Shopping.com as an advertising platform. As a comparison shopping engine, it has definitely played its role, but it is not the ultimate destination that people bank on for engaging in a comparative study of the prices. With the level of competition soaring high, the online retailers want to reach out to the global customers in their niche in a broader way and multi-channel marketing is becoming the norm. If you are in need of effective multi-channel marketing program, you can choose ChannelSale as your trusted partner. So eBay Commerce Network which is going great guns has the potential to flourish as the advertising platform, nabbing the attention of the online sellers and purchasers.

Innovative Advertising Solutions

The nature of competition in the online business arena has become so severe that the e-merchants are thinking of strategies that would help them to move ahead of their rivals. Ebay Commerce Network is planning up to act as the best guiding force for the e-sellers, helping them to revamp their business and increase the online revenue generation graph.

The loyalists of Shopping.com has no need to worry

The sellers, who are already in a contract or associated in some way with Shopping.com, should not go through anxiety pangs as the rebranding will not affect such contracts. With the mission to connect consumers to the world’s advertisers and the well-sketched Merchant Program, Publisher Program and many more to come from eBay Commerce Network, it is surely to reshape the revenue graph of the web-based merchants.

The Premier Publishers

Ebay Commerce Network is growing in leaps and bounds with the number of premier publishers resorting to this network, to satisfy their advertising and networking needs. The host of premier publishers can range from shopping portals, different sites, search engines and the like.

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