Tapping the Potential of Google+ for Online Businesses

Steve Burns Posted On - June 22, 2013

Tapping the Potential of Google+ for Online Businesses
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The unprecedented growth and popularity of social media has made it mandatory for the online business owners to leverage the potential of the different social media channels. Google has not only been the invincible king in the realm of web, it has always come up with innovative products to help out people in the virtual world. The e-sellers face great competition from their rivals in the niche and it is about staying in the number game. With one of the coveted product of Google making the online businesses to derive the social media juice, Google+ has the potential to make the web merchants give the required boost to their business.

The Influence on SEO Ranking

Since Google+ is backed with the power of Google, the major search engine, the e-sellers by leveraging the potential of this social media platform can do a lot of good. When looking at the present scenario where social signals are offered lot of importance for judging the credibility of a site, Google’s social media channel can have a bigger role to play in cementing the credibility of a site. So in this era where the indomitable position of links seems a little unsteady with the social signals doing the rounds, draft the marketing plans of your business with the needed edge.


This is one of the interesting features of Google+. Via Hangouts where there is scope for ten people to see each other in video chat, you can usually reach out to a broader target market opting for building your brand popularity via product demonstration, giving out important business propositions by hitting the creative note. Broadcasting the hangouts is not a difficult task and you can cling on to showcasing your company’s skills and expertise, by adding more value to your business. Be creative when spicing up your hangouts. You need to set the tone right. It can be customer service comprising the Q&A sessions, research and surveys, reviews and feedback. Do not be too preachy but you can offer information on conferences, lectures, seminars, capsule new product or service demonstration, tutorials and much more.

How Circles can help?

In this feature of Google+, circles refer to the group of friends or contacts that you can manage and organize for checking out your posts. This feature helps in audience segmentation, ensuring the content that you share has a higher degree of relevance and appeals to the specific target audience. The web merchants can effectively include friends, customers, prospects and much more which can help your business to have surging sales figure.

Communities can resonate with your Business Ideas

While cementing your online presence, ensure that you participate, communicate and interact with the communities or the groups that you create. When you are abiding by the norm of social sharing, ensure that you build connections via networking, which will indirectly promote your brand. Keep your eyes and ears open so that when you can make a good use of the prompts. By establishing your own community, you can take business to another level of productivity. Encourage participation in your niche by leading from the front and create the buzz about your business. Social media engagement has brought out one thing in the open, the factor of spontaneous and natural sharing. So you can not only build new relationships with your customers but have a strong base of customers. With the distinctive features of Google+ helping you out, why not make your business take to the next gear?

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Tapping the Potential of Google+ for Online Businesses, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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