Tapping the Potential of Mobile Devices for the Retailers

Steve Burns Posted On - January 26, 2013

Tapping the Potential of Mobile Devices for the Retailers
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In this fast-paced age where people are becoming more tech-savvy, use of the smartphones and tablets have also increased in number. For the e-sellers, it is time to explore and exploit the business opportunities that the high-end power-packed devices offer. The retailers in order to broaden their business horizon need to come up with mobile strategies, as it can have a positive impact in terms of their sales number soaring. The online retail predictions by the aces in the field vouch for the fact that mobile is going to be very big in the years to come. The e-shop merchants must optimize their sites for the mobile devices ensuring easier navigability and accessibility.

Going Mobile

The interested buyers are extensively using the smartphones to scan product bar codes and to engage in a comparative study of the products that they wish to purchase. Laying their hands on the promo codes, coupons and other exciting offers enable in switching on to a savable mode for the purchasers. The e-sellers need to come up with effective marketing strategies and well-drafted plans that would let them to make a good use of technology for furthering their business prospect. The plan of the e-commerce merchants must involve:

  • Ways of improving the consumer experience in each phase of the e-shopping journey
  • How the use of technology can spoil the customers offering them a satisfying online shopping experience
  • Decide on the investments that the online sellers must make to put to effective use this mobile technology

In the retail environment, mobile technology must blend well within the existing infrastructure. The investment choices must be made judiciously so that it has a long-lasting positive impact making the businesses of the retailers to bear fruit. A reciprocal relation needs to coexist between the e-sellers and the mobile industry so that the drafting of the e-commerce mobile strategies becomes productive in the long run.

The Benefits that Mobile Devices offer to the Customers:

  • The potential buyers can have access to accurate product description and details via their smartphones which can be termed as extended packaging
  • Making a wish-list for shopping can be easily done by the potential buyers and they can refer to it when engaging in the buying spree
  • Scanning through product inventories without any assistance also becomes a plausible option
  • For nabbing the lucrative bargains and to redeem coupons and handsome discounts, mobile devices prove to be of great help
  • In-store navigation for products placed in their choicest categories becomes easier for the customers
  • Advertising and promotional information is directly communicated to the customers on their smartphones
  • Mobile payments simplify the process of online buying and retail checkouts as browsing, ordering and paying for products becomes more convenient

The Holiday Mobile Shopping Season of 2012 was Euphoric

The sales figures of the e-sellers in the US holiday shopping season last December was impressive in the history of e-commerce in the US. One emerging trend was that most of the die-hard shoppers made a convenient use of the smartphones, tablets, i-Pads while searching for products to make the best buy. While the mobile devices pulled quality traffic, the conversion rate from prospective buyers to potential ones also became higher with i-Pads and other mobile devices. The individual buyers were more inclined to search and then take smart buying decisions using their mobile devices, helping them to avail the lucrative deals. This helped the e-commerce merchants to generate higher revenue online from increased sales.

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