Technical issues are bothering eBay sellers in U.K. and U.S.

Steve Burns Posted On - June 10, 2015

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Recently an eBay spokesman has revealed that some eBay sellers of UK as well as U.S. were facing a typical technical problem which did not allow them to create or modify new listings.

The spokesman further added that though the problem still remained undetected, they were trying to tackle the issue as fast as possible as it was badly affecting the consumers residing in different regions including the two countries, U.K. and U.S. He also mentioned about their sincere wish to provide regular updates on their systems board.

However the spokesman remained silent about any further information regarding this. But after this declaration, eBay U.K made an announcement about the same problem. On their site they have mentioned about this technical malfunctioning and apologized to their customers by saying that if they face a problem in the key area of their site and fail to complete their purchase, they need to try later at some time. It was also declared the retailer is trying to resolve the issue at their earliest.

No doubt this has affected many consumers and they have clearly expressed their frustrations in, a special blog designed and meant for eBay sellers of U.K. There are several complaints from readers who faced this problem and were unable to post new listings.

Although the blog said only a few people are experiencing this difficulty, not all but still the negative impact is not being less any way. People who are affected by this technical issue will naturally react quite seriously as it is creating lot of inconvenience for them.

Some comments on the blog saying, “Can’t list anything,” or expressing despair by writing “Great fun watching the busy uploading arrow spinning round for hours at a time lol,” are more than enough to make the retailer feel seriously annoyed.

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