The Downside Of eBay FBA And How To Overcome The Same

Stephen Posted On - April 26, 2017

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Using FBA for eBay orders can be productive in many ways considering the fact that the order completion and fulfillment solution of the platform is rather incomplete in nature. On seeking fulfillment by Amazon, eBay sellers can get exposed to numerous advantages that start with freedom from the hassle of packing, shipping and storage to gaining access to global fulfillment networks, faster deliveries, relief from inventory maintenance and much more.

Amazing as it appears, eBay FBA does come with its share of disadvantages that are best when not ignored by the users of this facility. More often than not, these flipsides can be very damaging and can compromise performance of the sellers to loss making levels. 3 of these drawbacks can be mentioned as follows…

Increased costs –

FBA is never a free service. Everything from packing to shipping to storage costs money which adds to the overall business expenditure in the part of the sellers. So, the amount that you intend to save through ‘no inventory maintenance in eBay’ will actually add up in FBA costs, often two times more. Did you know that you need to pay extra for inventory that is stocked for over 6 months as well as for insurance, signature verification and returns?

Loss of control on inventory –

Whether you are selling on Walmart marketplace or in eBay, using FBA will quite inevitably lead to loss of control on your inventory that is stocked in FBA warehouses. The only way you can keep a track of the inflow and outflow of your stock is by using Amazon’s online tracking system, which, in all honesty has not fetched amazing reviews till date.

Confusion among buyers –

This is yet another problem that can generate a few awful reviews in eBay. Buyers who buy from eBay and get Amazon parcels may not always be enlightened about FBA. Therefore, they may raise a question or two in the review section. While this has not been a massive problem till date, there is a propensity to ignite curiosity of the customers towards Amazon, thus increasing chances of losing them to the latter.

The solution to these problems can be as simple as initiating eBay FBA end to end integration with the assistance of quality software solutions and tools. Seeking solutions from promising e commerce solution developers can help sellers neutralize the negatives while enhancing the scope of FBA services in favor of their business.

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