The e-retailers must watch out for more consumers spending more online in 2014

Shrikar Khare Posted On - March 24, 2014

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Online retailing is facing a booming market these days. The year 2013 was no doubt a great year for online retail sector. And it is anticipated that 2014 will bring higher sales turn over as more and more consumers are shifting online. And this will be a continuously growing trend of every modern society. The e Retailers need to be ready for cope with the rising trend. Certain points are to be kept in mind while chalking out strategies to meet the huge need of the online customers. And as there will be more consumers spending online it is also important for the retailers to understand how to get the best result by implementing the following measures.

Best practices to boost your ecommerce businessProduct photographs

Companies that focus on appealing images of their products and services get an extra mileage. The right images of a retailer’s offerings help to drive customers and also motivate them to buy. So it is essential to capture good and exclusive photos to compete online.

  • Merchandising matters

Merchandizing different products and services along with the particular categories available on your website can be good innovations which will be helpful for the overall experience with your company online. It is better to classify all your products and services in categories based on nature of the products.

  • Easy navigation facility

Make sure that your website is designed in such a way so that the customers find it to be easy to navigate. All the product information should be easily available so that the customers do not face any difficulty in finding the details about a particular product.

  • Pay attention on SEO 

The process of driving more traffic to your website from the search engines is extremely important for e-retailing. People find the right information they are looking for on the web through the searching which leads to effective business.

  • Use pay per click

Pay per click advertising is almost similar to SEO except it is paid ads in the search engines as opposed to organic listings. Pay per click advertising is present at the top of the search results for different groups of keywords that advertisers specify at the beginning of a campaign. A proper balancing between your SEO and PPC activities will help you to get the most visibility and best value for your efforts.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media plays an important role in drawing attention of an audience by sharing quality content and incorporating interactive conversations.

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The e-retailers must watch out for more consumers spending more online in 2014, 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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