The First Sale is The Hardest Sale To Make (But NOT If You Follow These 5 Tips)

Stephen Posted On - November 6, 2017

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Admittedly, the first sale is the hardest to make. You have opened a “perfect” online store, have a solid product and pricing strategy—yet you’re inexperienced, lost in the mix of too many confusing questions.

So what should I do know? Should I just wait for customers? When will the customers come?

Days turn into weeks and still there isn’t any sign of a customer.

This isn’t a fanatical scenario but very real that has pained many online sellers.

If you’re soon venturing to become an online seller, it is important that you’re fully prepared for this imminent challenge. You must have a mechanism at ready to make your first – and subsequent – sales very quick.

Here are 5 tips to do that:

1. Do prelaunch promotion

Hype the launch through various pre-launch promotions. You can do this by blogging, guest blogging, on social media platforms. If your budget allows, you can even go for paid advertisements. To make the most of these efforts, build a mailing list. So that when the product actually launches, you can easily inform all those interested buyers.

2. Do a PR stunt to get noticed

This isn’t going to be easy, but it’s very well worth it. It includes doing something unusual, outrageous or remarkable enough that gets media attention. Like for example, few months back, KFC made the headlines for sending chicken sandwich into space. Now you can’t do something as grand as this. But you can think of something unique. (Come on, bring out your creative prowess!)

How about accepting Bitcoin as a mode of transaction?

3. Network on social media platforms

You can easily connect with your target audience and industry leaders on social media. Do it! Attract and engage them before you officially launch your online store/product. Be funny and relevant in your messages and you can easily gain a decent following of the right audience.

4.Make use of comparison shopping engines the right way

Not every buyer acts impulsively. Some like to take their time, factor price and then hit the purchase button. Meaning, comparison shopping platforms is very relevant in the online shopping world today. The most popular are Google Shopping and The Find. Use these platforms well and get in front of your target audience easily. Of course, you’re going to have to compromise a bit in your profit margin.

5.Stay prepared for the bigger days ahead

Once the wheel is on the run, handling so many sales could get difficult. So you must stay prepared to tackle the influx of orders in advance. The best way to do it is to sign up for multi-channel-ecommerce solution, like eBay Amazon listing software. These platforms can help you sync all your stores on a centralized platform – right eBay Netsuite to Shopify Amazon integration – so you can manage listings and inventories much easily and efficiently.

These are 5 simple ways how you can make your first – and subsequent – sales quickly.

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