The Future Of Your Walmart Presence Depends Upon These 4 Factors

Stephen Posted On - December 14, 2016

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Opportunities in in favor of sellers are actually infinite whether in terms of brand building or growth and profits. However, to experience the wealth of advantages that this retail giant has in store for you, there is a list of factors that needs to be taken into account from the very first day itself. Here are some of the most crucial aspects upon which the future of your efforts in Walmart marketplace can depend…

Retailer, reseller or a brand owner –

If you are a promising brand owner selling products that Walmart customers usually look for; this platform can become a practical gold mine in your favor sooner than you may have expected. If you are a reseller or retailer, the progress graph may show a more gradual or nearly horizontal slope; and that too, if your requests get approved in the first place.

Integration and setup quality –

It is true that integrating with Walmart API is far easier that API integrations that are carried out in many other marketplaces like However, to make a quicker and error free start, it is expected that the sellers carry out professionally assisted integration and set up at the very onset of their ventures in Walmart marketplace. This effort can go a very long way in favor of sellers in terms of speedy growth in this platform.

Your approach to profitable pricing v/s lowest prices –

If you wish to gain visibility in, you will have to ensure offering the lowest prices in your listing. If you are an Amazon store owner / seller, this critical factor can raise its head as an obstacle in harmonious multichannel performance including both of these platforms. At the same time, the lowest price requirement may often pose a threat to your profit margins, which, on many occasions, have taken a turn for recurring losses for many sellers.

Using sophisticated tools and software solutions for pricing management is thus advised at all times.

Maintaining high service quality –

You cannot go far in if your service quality is found lacking. From order processing and completion to addressing buyer grievances at the earliest, everything matters for a brighter future in this platform.

Your dedication towards this marketplace and making it your priority over all other platforms of presence –

Basically, in this respect, you don’t actually have an option. If you are in, it has to be your top priority. If you are an Amazon seller as well, may The Almighty be with you in your efforts to establish harmony between the two platforms.

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The Future Of Your Walmart Presence Depends Upon These 4 Factors, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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