The Good And Bad Of Becoming A Walmart Marketplace Retailer

Stephen Posted On - June 22, 2017

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The world of ecommerce has been expanding at a very steady pace and selling entities often find themselves spoilt rotten with options. has recently emerged as an e sellers’ muse with hundreds wondering how to become a Walmart marketplace retailer for a brighter and more profitable future. However, it is always wise to start by assessing the good and the not-so-good characteristics of this marketplace before making a leap towards the same.

Following are a few essential features, both good and bad, that can help sellers determine their suitability Walmart online marketplace…

The Good

The plus points of Walmart marketplace are practically inherent and open for all sellers to experience almost equally…

Visibility before millions of unique buyers – If you win a place in, your venture will open up to over 90 million unique buyers or more; a purchase motivated lot that does not overlap with any other marketplace. It is basically as good as increasing your sale to about 50% or more literally overnight.

Low competition and easy discoverability – Unlike eBay and Amazon, the number of sellers in this marketplace is low thereby making competition far more tolerable. This is also the route to easy discoverability in this marketplace.

Buy box, fees and payments are less complex – Buy box metrics in Walmart is as easy as list price plus shipping. Therefore, anyone can understand and approach the buy box without much difficulty. Besides this, fees and payment structures are also less complex in Walmart especially in comparison with Amazon.

Integration services are easy – Whether it is about integrating eBay Amazon listing with Walmart or inventory, order completion, API syncing etc, integration services are literally served on a plate by this marketplace. This is mainly because Walmart has teamed with promising ecommerce solution developers that have readymade solutions for all basics and more.

The Bad

On the flipside though, sellers may have to encounter certain issues that can often leave them baffled…

Firstly, all thanks to the lowest price assurance that this platform offers to all buyers, profits will have to wait only till the volume of sale increases. Maintaining very high visibility is thus expected in the part of the sellers.

Secondly, multichannel sellers especially those that perform in Amazon and eBay may have to put in added efforts in their Walmart performance. wants sellers to treat this marketplace as priority and thus expects the latter to outdo their performance standards in comparison with the all other marketplaces. This can often cause sellers to find themselves trapped in a clash of marketplace interests.

Thirdly, there is no guarantee that you will gain entry to only if you so wish. Walmart selects only the cream of the lot, and if your selling record does not prove your worth, there is every chance that Walmart will reject your application.

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The Good And Bad Of Becoming A Walmart Marketplace Retailer, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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