The Increasing relevance of Video marketing in modern online retail

Steve Burns Posted On - November 29, 2012

The Increasing relevance of Video marketing in modern online retail
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Videos were around for a long time before the onset of online marketing, But what has changed now is that with the advent of online marketing and communications, the distribution cost of videos has reached zero or thereabouts. There is no media cost, there is no distribution cost. Video distribution is to online communication what TV is to the newspapers. It is audio visual in appeal as against merely visual/pictorial. How do you use videos effectively to drive traffic and sales? Here are five pointers.

Firstly define the stage of the customer life-cycle during which you plan to use video marketing to communicate your message. A consumer’s life cycle is defined as:

Every customer is at one or the other stage of this life cycle. The attention getting part is where you use brand led communication to catch the mind and the imagination of the customer. At the interest stage, you evoke his interest in possessing what you are selling. During the next phase you inculcate a strong desire and willingness in the mind/heart of the consumer to pay good money to possess what you sell. Then you provoke action by inciting the buying decision. The last stage is brand loyalty, wherein you retain the consumer, and coax him to probably recommend your product to others.

Video’s can be used to communicate to potential and actual customers at each stage of this consumer life cycle. Deciding at which stage you want to communicate will help you narrow down the messaging for the communication, and help you design the metrics that will showcase the efficacy or otherwise of the communication.

Choose a marketing tactic and focus your energies in executing this well.

This is the stage when you actually start planning your video marketing. You need to decide how the video will engage potential customers, and/or existing customers. This is an important decision as it will decide the length of the video, the possibility of embedded links etc. Social media is one place you can showcase your video – active sharing is a economic user driven way to popularize your video. You can also have it showcased on your website to attract the website’s present traffic to view it. Press Releases with video content are also another good way to spread the message across different content distribution networks.

Identify and engage a video producer who will produce the content for you

With increasing access to video cameras and online assistance in everything from how to shoot and edit, you can certainly create your own video. But it is a good idea to engage a professional, merely for the finesse and the experience that he brings to the exercise. The obvious reason is that a well produced video will attract more eyeballs and sharing. They are also a good source to identify and use channels that will make your video popular. Given the fact that this is their everyday business, they will know the sites where you can get maximum eyeballs.

Produce your video content and then publish them online

The thing to remember when you are publishing video’s online is that this is exactly like any other content. It needs to be eminently searchable for it to be found. Carefully choose your tags, descriptions and keywords to ensure that you reach the maximum number of viewers. Revert to stage two and review your tactics and apply them to popularize your video.

Monitor the results of the video and calibrate y our next steps to increase popularity and viewing.

Keep a keen watch on how the video is doing. Track things like views, comments and likes to gauge the level of consumer engagement with the video. Check how the video is directing traffic to your website and find out how much time people are spending on your website. Be patient as video’s take a little time to kick in results.

When you achieve good ranking, ensure that it is kept up. High ranking will keep providing you with new insights and traffic. Keep rolling with the organic traffic it is attracting and do not expect it to go viral overnight. When more people share it, it may be a good idea to have a poll and discover what element made them share. If it has attracted negative comments, ask the commentators what aspect of the video brought about negative feelings.

Lastly check how much of the traffic that the video drives to your website is actually getting converted. Many a time, you bring the horse to the waterfront, but the horse refuses to drink! The efficacy of a video can be judged well only if your conversion at the website end is tight and effective.

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