The man behind Google’s same-day delivery joined hands with Uber

Daniel Posted On - January 14, 2015

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Most interestingly Tom Fallows, the man behind the same day delivery service of Google Inc, has recently joined Uber. As we all know Uber is a well known organization that offers various types of cabs and vehicles including town cars and ride shares online.

Although the management of Uber did not say anything about Fallow’s joining it has been noted that after Fallow’s joining, they have taken a calculative move by entering e-commerce landscape. Now they have started offering a specific service for their customers.  It will make all the Uber users enjoy the benefit of ordering grocery items exceeding 100 items at a time via mobile apps.

Once the order is made the groceries are delivered to their mentioned destinies by an Uber driver. No doubt this is an innovative idea that has drawn attention of Inc. the giant retailer, including the postal service of the country and Google, the organization where Fallows worked earlier.

According to Fallow’s LinkedIn profile, in 2010 he joined Google in the capacity of product manager. He took the initiative of creating Google Trusted Stores. This was an extremely effective and popular system that provided important information to the consumers.

Through this system consumers could easily track the process which is followed by Google while rating different sites in different areas including details about returns and shipping times. It also declared rebates if the customer service could not fulfill the desired standard.

Not only that, Google Shopping Express was also introduced which is presently identified as Google Express, the same-day delivery service.  In March 2013, this service was first introduced by Google in the San Francisco Bay area and now it has become expanded to other cities like Chicago, Boston and Washington, D.C.

However, Fallows recalled how much he enjoyed working with team Google while helping them to form Google Express. He said initially it was a creative concept only which took the shape of a national level service with thousands of paying members and a huge number of merchant partners. Google also provided a statement where their former employee has wished them to see their prosperity reaching new heights.

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The man behind Google’s same-day delivery joined hands with Uber, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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