The Online Retailers can use Order Confirmation Pages for Higher Sales

Steve Burns Posted On - August 21, 2013

The Online Retailers can use Order Confirmation Pages for Higher Sales
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For the e-sellers, any information about sales growth or for pumping up their online revenue generation graph will make them to lend their ears. While different retailers are thinking about the various sales pitch and innovative brand marketing strategies, many online retailers have been using order confirmation pages to lure the existing buyers and the new customers to make online purchases. So this can be regarded as one of the best strategies that can enable the e-shoppers to boost their sales figure.

Cross Selling

When an online retailer makes a sales pitch, he wants to make the most of his business moves. The appeal of cross sells is something that urges the customers to make the best of the earning opportunity. For luring the customers with the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) model playing on their mind, as a retailer you just cannot make a string of offers to get thrown at the face of the customers. Using the order confirmation page, you can offer the additional products to catch the interest of the customers, without putting them as a pushy marketer.  It would be an icing on the cake when you put the ‘add to order’ button along with the cross sell deal.

Newsletter Sign-Up

Since you want to derive more out of the order confirmation page, you should not be in haste, getting on the nerves of the customers for newsletter sign-up. When an e-buyer is moving through the emotional online shopping journey, make the path through the checkout easy as they are shelling their hard-earned money. After the customer has completed purchasing, let the order confirmation page do the trick.

Offering Higher Client Satisfaction

The order confirmation page can do a lot to glue the customers for greater benefits. In order to grab the attention of the customers, correct use of the resources like videos demonstrating product tutorials and the like can prove to be the icing on the cake for the customers. Winning the trust of the customers is the best way to seal a long sustaining bond with the customers. When an e-buyer becomes a confident shopper, then it is, in anyway like pushing the revenue generation graph.

The Apt Use of Social Media

For giving that right nudge to a business, it is the promotion in the social media platform, which matters. The news about the immediate incentives can reach out to the people like wildfire, pronouncing the amount of discount on future purchase that a customer is going to get. It is the gifts, hot deals and the alluring offers on the products offered which play on the psyche of the buyers, making them to take a buying action, instantaneously.  When the e-sellers are able to tap the potential of social media, it is bound to have an effect on the sales figures. It is like cashing on the excitement quotient of the customers so that they naturally spread a buzzword about brands, products, exciting offers, services and the like, working as the word-of-mouth for the different brands.

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