The Pros And Cons Of Selling On Walmart Marketplace

Thomas Posted On - September 21, 2017

walmart marketplace
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Walmart online marketplace has risen to extreme popularity among ecommerce sellers especially after the platform opened its doors to 3P entities. In fact, has been named among the most promising marketplaces that can be worthy additions to all multi channel endeavors at large.

However, performing on has its share of pros and cons that sellers need to understand word to word before attempting to gain a place in this platform some of which can be mentioned as follows…

The pros of selling on Walmart Marketplace

  • Low competition – This is perhaps the biggest advantage of selling in The number of sellers in this platform is many times lesser than the otherwise over crowded Amazon and eBay. This offers easy opportunity for sellers to gain and maintain visibility without having to try too hard.
  • Impactful inflow of high volume purchase motivated traffic – All thanks to the reputation of this King of all retailers, high volume purchase motivated traffic is always assured in Sellers, even those that don’t put in immediate efforts at extended marketing can access voluminous inflow of potential buyers.
  • Route to the buy box has been decoded – Unlike Amazon and eBay where the route to the buy box is still a mystery, in things are as simple as maintaining lowest prices and offering free shipping. If you manage to abide these two principles, you can rule the buy box for an indefinite period of time.
  • Commissions and fee structures are very comprehensive – has been very clear and comprehensive about its fee structures, commissions, payout and everything else that is associated with revenues, making it perfect bliss for those that have been dealing with the impossible in Amazon / eBay.
  • Easy set up and integration – The process of set up and integration is usually quick and effective in Walmart online marketplace. The official integration partners ensure making the task a smooth and error free affair. High performance integrations like Walmart Netsuite etc are handled very productively by these entities and that too at very affordable prices.

The cons

While the pros of certain overpower the cons, it is wise in the part of sellers to consider the other side of the coin with due seriousness as well…

Firstly, Walmart online marketplace is open to only the best of 3P sellers that have undisputed track record remarkable selling history. Therefore, small sellers and newbies may never find a place in this marketplace.

Secondly, lowest price requirement can strike price battles with Amazon and eBay that can often get ugly. Using tools and software solutions to harmonize the matter is thus imperative.

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