The Rise of Same-Day Deliveries: Amazon deserves a pat on the Back!

Steve Burns Posted On - October 6, 2013

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It is said that dynamism is one of the key characteristics of the business world. This applies to the field of e-commerce to an even greater extent. Fast paced advancement in technology, new innovations and the changing patterns of tastes and preferences of consumers are keeping e-sellers on their toes like never before. At times like this, being an e-seller can be quite a challenge. Success can be yours; but for that you need to constantly put on your thinking cap and embrace change.

Every day newer and better strategies are being adopted by the various players in the online market to grow their business by attracting consumers. The concept of same-day deliveries is the newest kid on the block that has caught the attention of online sellers. Read on, in order to find out more about this.

Shipment Period and the Customer

The main reason behind the popularity of online shopping is that it offers many more benefits than shopping from the local store. But the time taken for delivery of goods that are bought online is one of the factors which can be a disadvantage for e-sellers. For this reason, the online retailers pay special attention to the timely shipment and delivery of their merchandise.

Online Retailers Offering Same-Day Delivery

Now, many online retailers are stepping up in the game with higher level of confidence by offering a special service to customers where the goods will reach them at the same day of purchase. Even though a slightly higher amount is charged for this special service, consumers are not complaining.

It is a boon for people who have emergency requirements like, a new dress or shoes for the last–minute evening dinner, party or outing. Moreover, there are also certain celebrities who like to receive premium service when they purchase products online.

The rising interest in same-day delivery is providing immense growth opportunities to regional courier companies who specialise in delivering goods at the same day.

Amazon’s Role

One of the main drivers of the increasing acceptance of this strategy is the online retail giant Amazon. The other players in the online business widely follow the moves of this US based online marketplace because it is the market leader. Amazon had launched its same-day Local Express delivery service. It started with seven major metropolitan markets and later added four more to the list. This has helped to trigger a rise in the number of online merchants who are willing to try out offering this service to its consumers.

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The Rise of Same-Day Deliveries: Amazon deserves a pat on the Back!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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