The Shortest Selling Guide For 2017

Thomas Posted On - February 16, 2017

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Third part sellers have everything to gain from their presence in this year, not to forget that the product categories and other selling opportunities have been expanded widely over the past 12 months. The only thing that the former need to bear in mind is their approach to selling in this promising ecommerce marketplace which could be slightly different as compared with selling in Amazon or even eBay for that matter.

Here is a short, crisp yet productive set of guidelines for newer sellers to sell on more profitably in year 2017…

  1. Lowest prices means lowest prices – Reasonable, attractive, affordable or best, do not describe the price policies of Here, you will have to offer ‘the lowest prices’ and there are no two ways about it. And yes, the comparison could also get to a pennywise level. Maintaining lowest prices is by far, the best way to make it to Walmart Buy Box which can be your ticket to bag maximum sale and profits.

  2. Introducing popular products is a must – Walmart attracts a certain section of buyers that usually look for certain Walmart specials. Cheap basic household items, grocery, kitchen utility, cheap electronics, discontinued yet popular products etc can be mentioned in this respect. On the other hand, mid range or super brands whether in clothes, shoes, accessories, and cosmetics etc is not sought by frequent / repeat buyers. So, choosing your stock wisely could help you move the same faster and with better chances at profits.

  3. Integration through proper channels could be a favorable game changer – You cannot go far in Walmart selling this year without initiating end to end integration of basic operational processes as well as inter-channel integrations. For example, if you are a Shopify powered seller with Amazon presence, you will have to initiate Shopify Amazon – Walmart integration practically flawlessly. If this matter is not taken seriously, problems like price inconsistencies and performance mismatch is bound to follow.

  4. Directing outside traffic to – If you are putting in conscious efforts in directing outside traffic into, you are certainly in the right track. Directing traffic from social media, associates and other platforms to will not just improve your chances at greater profits but will also put you in a more favorable position with the marketplace per se.

Following it up with respecting Walmart policies for enhanced purchase experience in favor of buyers, you will have everything set to achieving maximum success in terms of growth and profits in this marketplace.

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