The ‘Showrooming’ Trend in Retail

Steve Burns Posted On - February 4, 2013

The ‘Showrooming’ Trend in Retail
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What’s this ‘showrooming’ all about?

The interested shoppers engage in the buying spree in tune with their choice, preference and spending power. With the inclination among the buyers to flock to the web stores lured by the handsome discounts, hot deals and money-saving offers, the competition among the online sellers versus the brick- and-mortar retailers are soaring high. The general trend that was perceived even some years back was that people used to surf the net to become educated customers to know about a product, its specifications, price and the like, before visiting a store physically to buy it.Now with the smartphones becoming the arm-candies of the customers, the ‘showrooming trend’ is on the rise. This is because finding the most lucrative deals has become much easier for the customers as  after reading the product barcode or the QR Code via their smartphone applications, dish out all the hot deals that an e-commerce merchant offers.  The shoppers make a visit to the stores to check out the products with their own hands, listen to the expertise offered by the salespersons, but leave the store without sealing a business deal, only to buy it online. This phenomenon is called ‘showrooming.’

The Urge to Switch to a Savable Mode

The global economic scenario is not a convincing one and people are putting on their thinking cap before indulging in buying. The slow economic recovery is making buyers to save more and more and they hanker for the cost-saving deals online. This ‘showrooming’ trend has been a big bonus for the online sellers who can have their sales figures rising as the inclination to shop online is greater among the buyers. This trend in retail was observed in the buying habits of the customers during Christmas also.

Facing the music is the retailers with physical stores where even the retail giants like Walmart, Best Buy, Target have not been spared. They are losing out on their loyalists, which is also affecting their sales number. The retailers with physical stores are gearing up to live up to the challenges offered by this new ‘showrooming’ trend and they are trying to infuse the stores with a more enduring and  congenial business climate that would increase the sales count . It is the better buying experience of the users which can help them to visit recurrently to the physical stores.

The Successful Role played by the Comparison Shopping Engines

The purchasers would love to lay their hands on the price breaks and the CSEs help the potential buyers to engage in the comparative study of the prices of the products, fruitfully. The top service provider like ChannelSale who pull off the trusted job of making the multi-channel marketing program of the e-sellers to gain fruition by offering the managed services, helping them to observe higher sales.

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