The ‘Two Faces’ Of eBay Stores All Sellers Must Know

Stephen Posted On - December 6, 2016

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Small sellers, large businesses, midsized retailers, hobby sellers, bidding giants and even arbitrage sellers… eBay is a place where all types of sellers can access ample opportunities to sell in a manner they please. This is one of the reasons why this marketplace offers a wide range of selling options that can range from scratch basics to the ever glorious eBay stores. The latter though has been a matter of massive debate and discussions in terms of its relevance to sellers at all levels. In simple words, stores in eBay have two faces… one that is favorable and growth based and the other that is the exact opposite.

Over the past half decade, eBay stores have been a blessing for many establishments especially the larger voluminous ones for infinite reasons. Say for example, featured store owners in eBay are known to receive PPC keywords worth a certain amount of money every single month which works wonderfully as far as gaining instant visibility before purchase motivated buyers is concerned. Besides this, store owners are also in reception of advantages that ranges from access to more eBay pages, permission to reduce the size of eBay banners in auctions, extended seller protection in times of dispute resolutions and many more.

In short, it can be said with confidence that owning eBay stores can offer an instant edge to sellers in competition while making a healthy march towards fortified growth and profits.

The other face of stores in eBay however, is a little too bitter to digest. Simply put, it is not everybody’s cup of tea. This is mainly because of the massive costs at which sellers need to maintain these platforms of opportunities in the first place, making it a possibility only for very large sellers / power sellers. There are many types of stores in eBay that ranges from basic stores that can cost around 15$, to featured stores that can cost around 49$ to anchor stores that can cost a whopping 449$ every single month. This makes it mandatory for owners to keep their sale levels high because any drop in the level of sale can affect profits.

At the same time, there is no assurance about the impact of sudden changes and improvements that keep happening on eBay on a very regular basis. Say for example, the rollout of Cassini had cast a death blow to some of the best performing store owners. Integration is considered one of best ways to tide over uncertainties successfully. Ecommerce solution developers like those offering Walmart API integration and more can be approached for the purpose.

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