The Why and How Of Walmart Amazon Product Feed Management

Stephen Posted On - October 27, 2016

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The obvious Advantages of being present in Amazon and Walmart together…

The advantages of selling in Walmart and Amazon together are not new to sellers in general. The primary benefits involve receiving unique traffic from both platforms that can accelerate clicks and conversions many times over. While it is true that the traffic has been overlapping to a great extent over the past few months, it still is a wealth that not many e commerce sellers can willfully overlook.

Why should you be extra cautious Amazon Walmart Data feed management?

With the advantages in one side, sellers have to face issues with respect to certain critical operational basics like listing in both platforms. Basically, you will not be able to survive in either of the two platforms if the list price of one exceeds the other. This also applies to other aspects that are associated with enhancing the overall value of the products in the eyes of prospective buyers. It usually gets very difficult for sellers to harmonize their Amazon product feed with Walmart specifications when it comes to strict multichannel operations involving both of these marketplaces.

How can you achieve best Walmart Amazon product feed management?

Achieving a healthy listing practice in compatibility with the requirements of both platforms does not necessarily have to be difficult. Here are three unchallenged ways to harmonize price and listing while you sell on Walmart and Amazon at the same time…


Bringing these two platforms together necessitates the approach to infallible integration to the last word. You must carry out end to end integration of Walmart and Amazon for the sake of staying in tune with the overall activities in both platforms through one single interface. It is necessary to remember than integration is not an option but lifesaving urgency.

Use added automation softwares if necessary

This is applicable mostly when it comes to managing price variations in these marketplaces. Integrated pricing and re-pricing tools along with variable pricing management systems may or may not be available in the basic integration package. If not, then you will have to bridge the gap with added software and tools.

Call in for managed services from third party e commerce solution developers

Thirdly, your best approach to smooth management of Walmart Amazon listing and other operational basics lies in hiring high quality third party e commerce solutions developers. Walmart has already partnered with some of the best professional services in this field. Seeking their assistance can be your route to easy success.

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