These Tips Can Truly Help In Moving Your Amazon Inventory Fast

Robin Smith Posted On - May 3, 2016

Amazon inventory
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No e commerce store owners or individual sellers would want their inventories shelved for an indefinite period. If you have introduced a bulk of stock under a certain listing, you may have done so with the aim to sell them out fast and make some impactful profits and not to have the units sit and rot in the warehouses. This is mostly applicable in cases of top performing marketplaces like Amazon, where maintaining inventory in warehouses can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars on a monthly basis (depending upon the size of the inventory).

Amazon inventory

So, if certain units keep occupying space, the owners end up paying warehouse fees for products that may not be fetching any sale whatsoever, leave alone profits. When it comes to maintaining Amazon inventory, a situation like this is best when avoided completely. If you are among the sellers in Amazon or any top performing marketplace for that matter, who have witnessed situations as this, following these simple and doable tips can help in getting over the hurdle easily and effectively…

To begin with, it is only common sense to understand that inventory of popular products move the fastest. So, sellers are always advised to spend some time researching what would sell the best and introduce the same in their listing and inventory thereafter. While it is true that it is never a good idea to introduce stock in warehouses after orders are placed, sellers can surely keep track of buyer behavior through sections like ‘inform when available’, wish lists etc which can help determine what level of inventory to introduce for the concerned product.

Secondly, high quality listing often adds glitter to even the dullest of products. Quality listing in terms of trustworthy titles, very clear and uncluttered images, crisp descriptions, user reviews and ratings etc can push sale many times over and is thus a very good way to make inventory move faster.

Thirdly, aiming for the buy box is often considered a star studded way to move inventory. Even if you don’t manage to feature in the box itself, the processes that you carry out to win the buy box is more than enough to increase visibility and enhance trustworthiness at the same time. to top it all, if you choose FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) there is very little that can stop you from having your stock move out in no time at all!

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These Tips Can Truly Help In Moving Your Amazon Inventory Fast, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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