Things You Can DO To Most Lose Your Amazon Store

Robin Smith Posted On - May 23, 2016

Amazon Store
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Warning… Please don’t try this at home… especially new sellers who have a lot to experience and experiment with. Acting smart with Amazon is never a good idea. The platform tends to have a mind of its own and has about a million eyes that are set on each and every seller that establishes presence under its roof. These are the times when setting up business in Amazon can take as little as few odd hours with a day or two for products to get online. What is more interesting is, it is just as easy to get the boot from Amazon with no assurance of finding a place in it in the near or far future.

If you wish to ‘not’ lose your Amazon store as soon as you establish your presence in the platform, here’s what you must never try to act smart with…

Never try to sell your pet in Amazon… or your stamp collection, or prescription medication, or property or services for that matter under the guise of something else. Never try to sell fake or damaged goods in the name of fresh pieces and that too in full market prices. Never ever dare to think that Amazon will not take notice. Amazon takes listing policies very seriously and any sort of deliberate misconduct is not forgiven by this marketplace.

Listing cheating is the next thing that can cost you your store. Again, Amazon has very strict listing policies starting right from your data feed quality. Trying to pass discounts and coupons in the product titles can be damaging because Amazon can remove that listing within seconds. This mostly because trying tricks and hacks as these, compromises the healthy organic competition that exists among sellers in this platform.

Attempting operational basics without seller support software solutions or without integration can be detrimental in Amazon. If you have a Volusion powered store in Amazon, you will be required to carry out Volusion Amazon integration perfectly before receiving orders and completing the same to offer best purchase experience to all buyers.

Fourthly, you could lose it all in Amazon if you try arbitrage with eBay! Seriously? Arbitrage is a lowest price based business strategy the ethics of which is still questionable. eBay offers the lowest price and it is very difficult for Amazon seller prices to get any lower. eBay store owners can gain with arbitrage selling and never the other way round.

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Things You Can DO To Most Lose Your Amazon Store, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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